Maybe like me you’ve felt stuck- wearing clothes that don’t express who you are because you’ve been told that you’re “too much.”  


You might feel stuck spiritually because the religion you were raised with doesn’t seem to fit you anymore.  


You have questions about Jesus but you don’t know where to start. 


You’ve felt shut out and don’t quite know how to move forward to make a meaningful contribution in your work, relationships or church.  


Hi, I’m Jessica & I love helping women discover their stories so that they can get unstuck and express the unique story they were meant to tell. As a Jesus follower I believe his story makes a difference in every area of life- even the clothing we wear!


All of us long for a more authentic joyful version of ourselves but we can get lost in the grind of work, life and relationships. Through writing, speaking and personal styling, I help women identify the most meaningful stories they can bring to the world both spiritually and physically.