Cultivating Joyful Simplicity

Life can feel depressing and complex. Big questions swirl around our minds & many times we don't have the answer. Sometimes we need a little help from others to see how simplifying our choices in relationships, with clothing and with our inner world can lead to freedom and joy.  You might have difficult questions like I do:

  • How can I find joy when I'm so angry?
  • Can I find contentment with what I have instead of being resentful about what I don't have?
  • Why are Hot Cheetos so dang delicious, and will I ever be able to resist them?

Ok, so maybe not the last question, but I'm guessing that even choosing what to eat occasionally feels difficult and fraught.

Here you'll find resources to help you remember that you're a human with a body, mind and soul that need some care.  Whether it's fashion, pop culture, faith, work, parenting and rest- you'll find resources and reflections on how to slow down to see how joyful simplicity can be possible.