I believe Jesus changes everything about our lives but if you haven’t had a dramatic experience it can be hard to tell people how he’s made a difference in your life. If you’re a woman you might have internalized weird messages from the church or culture about your worth or your body that hinders you from being who God made you to be. From my experiences striking up spiritual conversations at Burning Man to chatting with neighbors about their faith backgrounds, Beautiful Feet is full of practical insight and stories to help you discover the story you were meant to tell.  


Learn how to 

  • Learn to see your body, your background and your brokenness as valued parts of how you communicate the message of Jesus. 
  • Build relationships with people from diverse faith backgrounds
  • Ask great questions that lead to deeper conversations
  • Share your faith in an authentic way that doesn’t feel like a creepy salesperson for Jesus.


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I wrote the Conversation Series as Bible-based discussion guides designed for women who want to explore the teachings of Jesus, but might not know where to start.  Each guide focuses on questions women struggle with- “am I enough?, how can I find wholeness? What does rest look like in my overly full life? How can I be known when I feel alone?” 


Even if you are further along in your journey with Jesus, these are resources designed to start conversations with friends from diverse faith backgrounds or to explore the teachings of Jesus in a new way.  


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I also blog in other places about how to build relationships with people from different faith backgrounds and listen to one anothers stories.  


Luis Palau blog: https://www.nextgenerationalliance.org/resources/blog/the-power-of-presence/

The exchange blog: https://www.christianitytoday.com/edstetzer/2019/january/audacity-of-mary-advent.html

Christianity today excerpt from my book


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