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MOMcon 2013- Amazing happens here

This past month I flew to Kansas City to attend MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) MOMcon. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, or at least picturing….something like this…. Frumpy Mom- who has gone un-showered, forgotten that she is a woman and is still wearing her clothes from high school because, well, her kids wipe their ranch dressing covered fingers on her sleeves… Read more →

Radioactive Writerman

This coming Monday I am going to look a little bit like this picture of Spiderman.  Not slinging webs, not fighting bad guys or upside-down kissing anyone while I hang from a building.  Just sitting, writing and being radioactive. Recently I found out that my thyroid was messed up with hypothroidism and that I’d have to undergo radioactive iodine treatment… Read more →

santa saves

A 6-ft tall Elmo complete with a santa hat and jingle bells around his ankles, dozens of hotdogs and gloppily decorated sugar cookies consumed at 10am, and of course- the man himself- Santa all made for an exciting saturday. Recently I participated in a “free pictures with santa” community event that my church Velocity hosted.  Each month, our church hosts an… Read more →