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    Loving Mercy, One Month Out

    One month ago today, as I stood on the Dome floor at Urbana 12 and filled the orange World Vision bag with bars of soap, latex gloves, washcloths, and anti-bacterial cream, I thought about my sister-in-law Rachel…. To keep reading, check out this my guest post at InterVarsity’s blog Loving Mercy, One Month Out.

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    Tweeting for Jesus

    In my blog brain backup I wanted to share about tweeting for Jesus with 16,000 people at the Urbana Mission Convention this past December 27-31st.  Below is a more in depth article written by Adam Jeske who lead our super social media squad: Tweeting For Jesus One of the other cool things was that our #U12 hashtag was trending nationally for a couple days during Urbana, we had a couple articles about using social media for the first time at Urbana, 40,000 tweets were tweeted under #U12’s hashtag, our social squad tweeted 3,000 times, and were retweeted over 6,500 times. Here are some of my favorite tweets from the week: From speakers: Death begins…

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    Don’t Do It Yourself. This is my motto for December. Amongst the amazing Pinterest ideas floating around about making your own DIY decorative Christmas trees out of recycled materials, cookie baking, and connecting with people whether through our work of year end fund development or holiday get-togethers and the the pressure of working on my book I just. can’t. do. it. this year.  After a helpful conversation with our respective supervisors about the tricky dynamics and scheduling of both serving on staff with InterVarsity Christian fellowship I realized I was still stressed about the stuff I felt like I should be doing this Christmas. Our plans changed for the holiday…

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    Why Urbana and Smoking are dangerous for your health

    Standing outside of the vomitorium (yes, that is what the indoor stadium at University of Illinois is called) leaning against a cold concrete wall, I felt like I was in a daze by what I heard and saw that night of the Urbana missions convention in 2000.  With snow swirling around me as busses pulled up to collect conference attendees and shuttle them back to the dormitories I caught a whiff of tobacco from nearby.  “Hey” I wandered up to the hippie guy who had lit up “can I bum one of those?” “Sure, no problem” he answered as he handed me a cigarette and lit it for me, cupped hands to…