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dinner insurance

Ever since my mother-in-law encouraged me to think of November-February as the “cozy months” it’s helped me to think about all the things I enjoy about winter. After our CSA ended I was lamenting the end of fresh lettuce, herbs and all the other weekly goodies we recieved. However, after freezing everything we gleaned recently I am excited about ways… Read more →

pick your five and lose five pounds

You’re proactive when it comes to your calendar, scheduling times to spend with friends, projects you’ll do at work and the vacation you’ll enjoy- why wouldn’t you do the same thing with the food you eat every day? Before I started to strive for five I would dread cooking and would respond to the grumbling in my stomach by grabbing whatever… Read more →

last day(s) of strive for five!

So, for those of you who took my challenge to “Strive for Five” fruits and vegetables over the month of September, how did it go? I know we still technically have the rest of today & tomorrow, but I’m guessing you’re going to go the distance and eat a few extra carrots 🙂 (you go mr. banana grabber man- get… Read more →

with a little help from my friends (or how I lost 20 lbs)

I’ve been having so much fun doing strive for five with you guys! It almost makes me not want to stop blogging about it on Tuesdays in October when we’ll shift our focus to a spiritual challenge! I was thinking about possibly continuing to blog about food/eating/recipes/being healthy on another day because I’ve personally enjoyed it & have loved hearing… Read more →

channeling my inner 5th grader (or how I lost 20 lbs)

What helps you to stay motivated when you’re working towards a goal?  For me it had to do with some stickers…and a little reminder from cookie monster. (if you don’t think you have time to click on this link, just doooo it- trust me it will be a highlight of your day.) Thanks for the encouragement cookie monster- “cookies are… Read more →

give me more fruit! (or, how I lost 20 lbs.)

It’s rare to find a person that isn’t interested in dropping a little weight. Few of us are content with how we look even though 20 years from now it’s likely that we’ll look back on pictures and think- “dang! I looked gooood!” and chide ourselves for not being more thankful for bodies that function well & were healthy. In… Read more →