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    Getting “Beyond Awkward” + Giveaway!

    It can feel really awkward talking about Jesus. We don’t want to sound forced, come off as one of “those Christians” or break trust with people we care about. So how do we get beyond awkward and get to the point where sharing Jesus feels comfortable, even normal? My buddy Beau has a few ideas of how to do this. Beau and I both serve on staff with InterVarsity Christian fellowship and did an M.A. in Evangelism and Leadership a couple years ago at Wheaton College. Beau is one of those guys you love to hate- because he’s got so much going for him; he’s talented, self-assured (some might say…

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    What the Duck?

    As if your newsfeed isn’t already cluttered enough with Duck Dynasty rants one way or another (Christian’s are hate mongers!! Liberals are taking away free speech! Make him cut his beard off as punishment!!!) here is a post that expresses my thoughts on the whole matter. Since I’m on vacation busy drinking egg nog and eating way too many cookies I didn’t want to take the time to ramble through my thoughts on the whole thing. Instead here is Jen Hatmaker’s grace and love filled post  sums up my thoughts pretty well.  I don’t want to be known for what I’m against as a Jesus follower. I want to be known…

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    Be lazy, free a slave

    This next month, New York City will be changed forever by students through the Price of Life campaign with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. I could appeal to your altruistic nature—it’s horrible picturing the lives of people like the ones described in this article by International Justice Mission—but instead I’m going to appeal to your lazy side. Why? Because I know that, like me, you’d rather be on Pinterest than reading sad stories about child sex slaves or families forced into slave labor…. to continue reading my post, hop over to The Price of Life NYC’s blog to see the cool things happening to fight modern day slavery….    

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    Tell me about your friend

    “You talk differently about God now.” Curious, I asked him what he meant- “you used to talk about Jesus, now you just say “the LORD” like you have to use his professional name now that you’re a campus minister.  My husband Dave made this comment about six months into my ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. We laughed about it but it also made me wonder what had changed.  I had been learning all kinds of cool things about the Bible, theology, relationships and prayer but I realized that it made me think about God in a professional way rather than as a friend.  God had become knowledge to attain rather…

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    racist vomit

    “do you need a ride to the airport? I’ll glad you dump you back where you belong…why don’t you go back to your own country” The words were violently spewed out and even though they weren’t directed towards me by the angry woman whose bulk was covered in a baggy tweety bird tank top, I still felt attacked.   I was bagging my groceries at Aldi as an argument about grocery store line etiquette erupted into a torrent of racist slurs. What do you do in these situations? How do you react when someone you don’t know or care about violates the preciousness of what it means to be human?…