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    living without

    Slow wireless connections, well water that tastes like eggs, and two weeks of sharing a dining room with 250 rowdy college students are a few ways to describe my last two weeks in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan to teach and train InterVarsity students how to live out and share their faith. Though there is a lot I could write about these two weeks, being in the U.P. sparked my memory of a post I’ve been kicking around in my head for awhile; the positive trade-offs of choosing to go without. Though I spent the first week praying, preparing messages and preaching these messages to students from across the midwest, I…

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    blog break

    Off to the wild U.P.! I’ll be on a blog hiatus for the next two weeks as I spend time teaching students about multi-ethnic witnessing communities from Acts 6-10. Spending a week with 450 InterVarsity college students from across the midwest, among acres of cedar forests, along the shores of lake huron is pretty amazing. If you’re the praying type, pray that God would meet students during this week, that Dave & I would have energy and love to care for students, and that Reuben would have an awesome time with his grandma who is taking care of him during the week.

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    God knows you need to look good

    In public speaking, presenters are encouraged to picture their venues, audience and themselves delivering their message. In addition to imagining these things, I also picture my accessories, shoes and what I’ll be wearing when I deliver a message.  Actually, it’s the first thing I imagine when I’ve accepted a speaking invitation.  Call me shallow, but knowing what to wear as a preacher who is also a woman can be tricky and fraught with criticism. In two weeks I’ll be making the annual pilgrimage to Cedar Campus, InterVarsity’s training center in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Along the gorgeous shores of Lake Huron hundreds of students across the midwest come each Spring to meet…

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    subversive humility

    Stick it to the man- learn how to subvert the system through practicing humility.  Check out my podcast to learn how at the link below! I initially preached out of this passage, Phillipians 2 at Cedar Campus to a group of about 200 college students from InterVarsity chapters across Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. Recently I spoke on this same topic at my church, Madison Square in Grand Rapids, MI where this was recorded.  My pastor who introduces me at the beginning of this recording even plugged my blog much to my amusement and surprise! Enjoy!