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    when Jesus gets a lapdance

    Jesus often shows up in really unexpected places.  A strip club isn’t one you typically picture much “jesus talk.”  However, as I’ve been sharing about my experiences at Burning Man this past August to InterVarsity students and staff, I was reminded of one of the most bizarre and beautiful stories from my time in the desert. One one of our last days at Burning Man, Nicole, one of the members of our group went to an ecstatic dance workshop.   All week Nicole and I had been talking about how the Holy Spirit often compels us to do unexpected things that challenge our trust in God and comfort in our…

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    how open minded are you?

    We all like to think of ourselves as open-minded people, tolerant of others who look different than us or have different beliefs. We want to be more enlightened thank many of the close-minded who have gone before us. Yet most of us have histories that shape the way we view people and people groups that leave lingering feelings of resentment, suspicion or judgement.  Sometimes this can be warranted- someone breaks trust by doing or saying something really hurtful which makes us likely to not trust the next person who comes along who is also a member of the intergalactic cat-lovers society or the Girl Scouts. I’ve chosen to associate myself…

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    the dirtiest man at Burning Man

    There are plenty of legends about the porta-potties at Burning Man. 50,000 people. no running water. in the blazing hot desert. Things get a little stinky.  Even for people with RV’s who have the luxury of not needing to walk from their camp to the public potties have to deal with the question: “what do you do with the poo?” Thankfully there were people like Dustin at Burning Man. Guys hired by the festival to drive the sewer trucks around and remove the waste for a fee from festival attenders.  The live in RV’s on the outskirts of camp, have their meals catered and spend 12 hours a day cleaning…

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    Larry Saves- the spirituality of burning man

    While some people go to Burning Man looking for drug-fueled hook ups in the desert, there are plenty who aren’t.  One of the reasons my friends and I went to Black Rock City is that we believe it to be a spiritually rich place, a place where people haven’t given up on exploring life, experiencing something transcendent or being freed  shame in their lives and doing that in community. As my friend and mentor Rick Richardson put it, Burning Man “smells like spirituality” there is a quality about the festival makes people open up about their lives, give space to rethink their preconceptions or explore new ideas.  The daily grind…

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    nudity does not equal sexuality

    I saw a lot of peeps and boobs at Burning Man this past week. After a 10-hour drive in an RV Saturday night after the man burned, a 4-connection flight on Sunday, and a 5 hour drive home on Monday to Cleveland after picking up Reuben in Ithaca, I’ve had a lot of time to begin processing my experiences at the Burning Man arts festival.  Even now I’m in a hazy-tired-ear-plugged up from changes in elevation but I wanted to begin writing before I forgot all the cool stuff. So- back to the peeps and boobs.  Burning Man is a quintessential post-modern experience in community- “whatever works for you” is…

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    The Vision

    Here is a poem from the 24/7 prayer movement that has been inspiring me & is something I’ll be reading/praying though at Burning Man. Enjoy & be inspired to serve Jesus and love others!

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    peacock progress- burning man preparations!

    Only 4 days to go until Dave and I arrive at the Burning Man festival.  Costume prep has been going well so I thought I’d post a few pics of our progress. I would be considered remedial at best when it comes to sewing. As I’ve been working on my costumes I sorely wished that my crafty friends Sarah, April and Jackie lived closer to lend a skilled hand. However, I have been pleased with how things are turning out so far. I found a couple of cheap sundresses at thrift stores & decided to adorn them peacock-style.  Since the weather in the day will be over 100 degrees I…

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    the omission trip

    I’m going to Burning Man 2010- why? Because I think it is a place that Jesus would hang out. Along with all the freaks, artists, people wearing only body-paint, and cadre of mutant vehicles in this crowd of 45,000 that assembles in the desert to form the temporary Black Rock City Dave and I are heading out with 5 other friends to see what God is doing amongst “the burners.” Strangely enough this is considered a research and mission trip by the organization I work for, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, is sponsored by the Billy Graham Center and is being led by Dr. Rick Richardson, the head of the M.A. program…