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I enjoy connecting with a diversity of groups and women who are seeking to live out their faith in bold and loving ways.  Having spoken to a myriad of audiences on campuses, churches and MOPS groups across the country, I love sharing about what it means to follow Jesus in ordinary and extraordinary ways. In vulnerable, humorous and practical ways I help motivate Christians to share their faith and connect with non-Christians about what it means to believe in and follow Jesus.

If you’re interested in contacting me to speak at your church or group, please fill out the form below and we’ll contact you! You can also download my media kit for specific topics, evangelistic outreaches and training modules I provide.  I’d love to serve you in helping to unleash women to boldly and lovingly share Jesus!





Jessica has an interpretive ability to engage readers and hearers by bringing them into her experiences in a style that is strong, vivid and captivating.  She is humble and willing to do what it takes to stay close to God- her faith journey I believe is vibrant and she has always demonstrated a passion for learning and growing. Jessica is making a real contribution to the Kingdom of God as a leader, evangelist, and influencer

R. York Moore, National Evangelist, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Author of Growing Your Faith by Giving It Away and Making All Things New: God’s Dream for Global Justice 


Jessica did a masterful job teaching the truths about Scripture while connecting with the audience in her own personal and winsome style. She was dynamic, delightful, and dependent on the Lord as she exposited the text. And students responded. One night we watched over 50 students make some type of Lordship commitment after Jessica’s bold invitation. We are grateful for the ways she blessed our students and staff in the Red River region.

 -Jason Thomas, Regional Director, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Red River Region


As a winsome and engaging speaker, Jessica has an ability to intuitively connect with students.  This connection allows her to challenge both seekers, skeptics, and life-long Christians to follow Jesus.  I am very grateful that my students had the opportunity to interact with and be challenged by Jessica.
I am thankful that Jessica has been willing to share her life with us. I appreciate the confidence she expresses as a woman of God who serves in ministry.  Jessica’s vulnerability and humility expressed when she shares her own challenges and mistakes in life is sweet because the church is filled with people trying to act perfect and live in bondage. How she lives is the true freedom- relying on God for all the strength to make it through the day. 
-Charity Taylor, InterVarsity chapter member, Case Western Reserve University, 2013

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