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Larry Saves- the spirituality of burning man

While some people go to Burning Man looking for drug-fueled hook ups in the desert, there are plenty who aren’t.  One of the reasons my friends and I went to Black Rock City is that we believe it to be a spiritually rich place, a place where people haven’t given up on exploring life, experiencing something transcendent or being freed… Read more →

nudity does not equal sexuality

I saw a lot of peeps and boobs at Burning Man this past week. After a 10-hour drive in an RV Saturday night after the man burned, a 4-connection flight on Sunday, and a 5 hour drive home on Monday to Cleveland after picking up Reuben in Ithaca, I’ve had a lot of time to begin processing my experiences at… Read more →

the omission trip

I’m going to Burning Man 2010- why? Because I think it is a place that Jesus would hang out. Along with all the freaks, artists, people wearing only body-paint, and cadre of mutant vehicles in this crowd of 45,000 that assembles in the desert to form the temporary Black Rock City Dave and I are heading out with 5 other… Read more →

Jesus and the vampires

Recently Dave and I have been watching the HBO series Trueblood.  The premise of TrueBlood is interesting- in the show the Japanese have created a synthetic blood “trueblood” that enables vampires to be sustained on artificial rather than human blood.  In turn this allows vampires to begin to emerge into mainstream society.  Capitalizing on the current cultural fascination with vampires,… Read more →

rivers cuomo makes me cry

I didn’t really care what other drivers were thinking as I blasted Weezer’s red album as I drove to meet my friend Ginny for dinner tonight. I didn’t mind if they saw me singing along at the top of my lungs and drumming on the steering wheel. I wasn’t concerned about who noticed when a few tears slid down my… Read more →

you know you’re depressed when….

you have an irrationally sad reaction to reading that Kevin Smith has been booted off a plane for being too fat. I’m a fan of Smith’s work- my faves being Dogma & Mallrats, but really- getting sad for a day knowing that he was publicly shamed and embarrassed about having to buy two seats on a plane and then having… Read more →

so what do you do when you’re livid?

Now that I’ve had a chance to retract my adamantium claws after some frustration recently, I’ve been thinking about the process of healing after a difficult incidents like this.  Thank you to everyone who wrote encouraging comments, emails, called me & sent me carmels via carrier pigeons. I’m thankful for your kindness and the pigeons only ate 1/2 of the… Read more →

Urbana 09 aka- the life chiropractor

This week I get the privilege of working at InterVarsity’s Urbana Missions convention- an international gathering of students who are asking- “what in the heck does God want me to do with my life?” You can check it out at and actually watch to the sessions online! This is my fourth time working at/attending Urbana.  The first time I… Read more →

enter the chaos

I stared at the painting for a full three minutes before I became self-conscious of the desk attendant wondering if I had entered into some sort of trance.  Even after moving on to look at some of the other paintings, capturing the essence of Jesus’ ministry in scripture I kept wandering back to snatch glimpses wondering if I had really… Read more →

monkey see, monkey do

Parents- are you ever terrified when you realize that your kids are picking up your bad habits? Or conversely that you have enough good habits that they’ll learn what’s important to you and emulate these good habits? The other day I trotted down the stairs & Reuben looked at me in our foyer with a big grin on his face… Read more →

water over stones

In October, the Sidewalk Theologian challenge was to incorporate prayer into our daily rhythms. I found it to be deeply unsatisfying. And I had to assume that you did too if you participated. Whether praying before meals, praying the daily office from the Northumbria Community or finding new and creative ways to pray like through making something tangible I had hoped… Read more →

the toys in your room

This post is exactly about what you think this title means. One of my friends hosts an adult equivalent of a tupperware party for people who want to liven up their marriage and try some new things. All the ordering and shipping is done completely privately and the hostess shares the products which range from tame to things I’ve never… Read more →

what is your word of the day?

Do you remember being a kid and just getting lost in coloring with crayons, pasting construction paper shapes on a page or feeling the waxiness of modling clay on your fingers as you rolled a ball of clay against the table? During this month of spiritual challenge of incorporating prayer into our lives, I’ve found a few different practices that have… Read more →

friends, let us invoke M.C. Hammer together

As we kick off this month of spiritual challenge, I only thought it appropriate to take a minute to enjoy the 1980’s glory of M.C. Hammers hit song “Pray.” I totally rocked hammer pants in the 80’s. Anyone else fall prey to that fashion back in the day? How about skidz? Ok. Enough about bad 80’s pants. Last month on… Read more →

subversive humility

Stick it to the man- learn how to subvert the system through practicing humility.  Check out my podcast to learn how at the link below! I initially preached out of this passage, Phillipians 2 at Cedar Campus to a group of about 200 college students from InterVarsity chapters across Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. Recently I spoke on this same topic… Read more →

channeling my inner 5th grader (or how I lost 20 lbs)

What helps you to stay motivated when you’re working towards a goal?  For me it had to do with some stickers…and a little reminder from cookie monster. (if you don’t think you have time to click on this link, just doooo it- trust me it will be a highlight of your day.) Thanks for the encouragement cookie monster- “cookies are… Read more →


Recently I did something I wasn’t very pleased with. If I’m really honest, I was ashamed and disturbed that I did this thing.  Though I didn’t end up acting on the thing I was thinking about, there was an internal boundary I crossed. Whenever this happens to me, which is pretty regularly; I say something I regret to someone I… Read more →

all we need is just a little patience

It’s only 11am and today has been a really rough day.  Things just seem to pile up when even just one thing is going poorly. I was thrilled to see the sunshine on this brilliant yet cool morning as I settled onto my porch with my coffee, journal & bible, watching kids with their little backpacks set out for the… Read more →


There is nothing I like more than sinking my teeth into a warm chocolate chip cookie. Unless I’m smacking my lips after scarfing down the yummy goodness of a homemade coconut macaroon. Or savoring the tangy tartness of a piece of rhubarb pie. Well, if I’m really honest with myself, doesn’t matter what it is- I love to eat baked… Read more →