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    Thrifty Thursday: Determine your style icons

    Shopping can be overwhelming. Thrift store shopping even more so. You have to wade through a lot of junk. But if you have an idea of your own personal style it can make shopping at thrift stores or anywhere else a lot easier.  Below are three questions to help you figure out who your style icons are. An icon is a symbol or thing regarded as a representative of  something.  In the Christian faith people often have icons of certain saints to remind them of qualities they want to emulate. One of my friends has an icon of the Holy Trinity sitting at a table that reminds him that he is always invited…

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    before & after from the chop shop

    before…….long bland blond hairstyle So……inspired by this lady….. I decided to get chopped! I found a sweet little salon in Downers Grove called Salon Ruelle. I knew they’d be able to hook me up when I saw their graffittied walls & read the great reviews online.  I’ve done this a few times in my life- when I was on study abroad in college my friends & I went to Paris for my 21st birthday. I decided that Paris would be a lovely place to get my shoulder length hair cut into a stylish short cut.  I didn’t speak french, the guy barely spoke English & so I just kept motioning…

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    yay or nay? denim leggings

    leggings are back, and I’m not quite sure what to think about it. It reminds me a lot of middle school and the baby doll dress/leggings craze. On one hand I love the way leggings look under a sweater dress. On another hand, I wonder if there is an age limit for certain types of leggings. I like the look of denim leggings in theory, but I’m not quite sure I like them in reality. I saw some at Target last night at a ridiculously low price, & I’ve been thinking they’d be a nice alternative to wear with boots and a tunic or sweater instead of skinny jeans shoved…

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    friday fluff- the dress

    In a few weeks I’m going to party like it’s 1995. Dave and I decided to throw a Christmas formal dinner for our friends in our care group from church- somehow in conversation it came up how funny it would be to wear old prom or bridesmaid dresses to the dinner since really, what else are they going to do except gather dust in our closets? We tossed the idea out jokingly, but now a few weeks later, I’m thinking about which of my old dresses I’m going to squeeze into wear. I gave all of my bridesmaid dresses to goodwill because I couldn’t foresee myself wearing any of these…

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    subversive humility

    Stick it to the man- learn how to subvert the system through practicing humility.  Check out my podcast to learn how at the link below! I initially preached out of this passage, Phillipians 2 at Cedar Campus to a group of about 200 college students from InterVarsity chapters across Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. Recently I spoke on this same topic at my church, Madison Square in Grand Rapids, MI where this was recorded.  My pastor who introduces me at the beginning of this recording even plugged my blog much to my amusement and surprise! Enjoy!

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    friday fluff day (aka- jillian, boots, leeks)

    This week felt craaazy long! Good thing I had the tears of Jillian, the inspiration of sweet leather boots & the yumminess of leeks to help see me through. So- did anyone watch The Biggest Loser (TBL) premiere this week? I was starting to feel a cold beginning to set in so I curled up on the couch & caught the last 1/2 of TBL and was ASTOUNDED to see Jillian crying during the weigh in! TBL is the only reality TV I watch, mostly because I love seeing how as people’s external worlds are transformed by weight loss, their internal world changes too & they begin to become a…

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    my alice cooper day

    Do you ever have one of those days where in the midst of rushing around you forget to look in the mirror?  After running some enjoyable errands, visiting a friend & finally coming home to make lunch I caught a glimpse of myself & this is what I saw: O.k. I’m maybe exaggerating a little. But I did remember sneezing shortly  after I had applied my mascara and thinking- hmm, I wonder if that smudged but not bothering to check. So, this is what I actually looked like: Maybe, you can’t see it well in the picture, but it was pretty distinct.  Though it was slightly embarrassing it was an…