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The butterfly that messed everything up

A couple years ago I was feeling really sluggish and chalked it up to being a mom of a two year old- when I went in to get a sinus infection treated my doctor drew some blood. Turns out I wasn’t just a tired mom- I had hypothyroidism- an autoimmune condition that affects just about every other function in the… Read more →

Surprised by Small

“Less is more” architect Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe once stated when he described his minimalist yet profoundly beautiful design style.  His Barcelona chair remains an icon in the world of design though it debuted in 1929.  And a coveted item amongst those of us who wish we had the thousands of dollars to plunk down for of those chairs.… Read more →

move it.

When I saw this story on NPR the other day I thought that it was appropriate for my (now late) March challenge of creating a great workout mix! Your Body is A Temple: sweatin’ to NPR A Gospel Workout Mix: What do you usually listen to while you work out? The sound of your lungs wheezing? The pop of a tennis… Read more →

losing weight is easy- maintaining a healthy weight is hard!

One year ago I set out to lose 10lbs. I set a reasonable goal of trying to do this in 10 weeks- 1 lb. a week. By the end of 8 weeks I had lost 10 and then, continuing the healthy habits I had been practicing, I lost another five! Over the next three months I lost another five simply… Read more →

so what do you do when you’re livid?

Now that I’ve had a chance to retract my adamantium claws after some frustration recently, I’ve been thinking about the process of healing after a difficult incidents like this.  Thank you to everyone who wrote encouraging comments, emails, called me & sent me carmels via carrier pigeons. I’m thankful for your kindness and the pigeons only ate 1/2 of the… Read more →

the 12 days of YOGA! Are you up for the challenge?

Hey you, the one who ate 1/4 of a turkey by themselves on Thanksgiving. yeah, I’m talking to you, person who feels so stiff from sitting around that you pray every night for a massaging chair from sharper image for Christmas or for your friend/spouse/cute stranger on the subway to give you a shoulder massage. Let’s face it. You’re not… Read more →

monkey see, monkey do

Parents- are you ever terrified when you realize that your kids are picking up your bad habits? Or conversely that you have enough good habits that they’ll learn what’s important to you and emulate these good habits? The other day I trotted down the stairs & Reuben looked at me in our foyer with a big grin on his face… Read more →

with a little help from my friends (or how I lost 20 lbs)

I’ve been having so much fun doing strive for five with you guys! It almost makes me not want to stop blogging about it on Tuesdays in October when we’ll shift our focus to a spiritual challenge! I was thinking about possibly continuing to blog about food/eating/recipes/being healthy on another day because I’ve personally enjoyed it & have loved hearing… Read more →

feet don’t fail me now!

This month I celebrated my one year running-versary- running consistently at least three times a week every week.  Having babies makes your body do weird things- mainly make the fat shift to places that it wasn’t before. places like everywhere. After visiting one of Dave’s friends from Cornell last summer who had found a new love for fitness (and dropped… Read more →