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Friendship What Ifs

When it comes to making new friends, what holds you back? Here are a couple things I’ve been learning as I face my friendship fears in a new city.

I recently moved to a new city and I am plagued by doubts in building new relationships:

  • What if I reach out and she doesn’t respond?

  • What if I share something vulnerable and I’m judged?

  • What if we hang out and it’s really awkward?

  • What if I show up to an event and feel out of place?

​Building relationships takes initiative, time and energy. Do you know many women who have an excess of those commodities? Yeah, me neither. But I’m finding that even if I’m willing to put in a little effort just to show up, God blesses my effort in unexpected ways. The Holy Spirit begins to break down my fear of rejection and judgment and he reminds me that Jesus has good things for me in this place, especially relationships…


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