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Fearless Friday: Confession

Can I make a confession to you guys? I’ve been afraid. Afraid of you and what you’ll think of me. I fear that I’m too much or  I not enough. Though I just had a book released this past August I’ve been afraid to keep putting myself and my writing out there for fear people will think I’m a self-promoting megalomaniac or a creepy televangelist type person.

This past week my friend Maddison and I completed a 40-day journey during Lent with a group of brave souls to deal with our fears head on. It was so encouraging to see how people took small steps together to demonstrate faith instead of fear that I wanted to make our daily emails and challenges available to you every Friday- with a weekly challenge and encouragement called Fearless Friday.

Part of breaking free from fear is confessing what or whom we’ve been afraid of. John 1:4-5 says about Jesus “In him was life and that light was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness but the darkness has not overcome it.”

If there is even a flicker of light that crosses your mind or heart today to reveal that thing or person you’ve been afraid of, that is the Holy Spirit illuminating a dark place in your heart. Don’t push it away, don’t ignore it or try to numb yourself to it. Let Jesus guide you into freedom through confession.

Today we’re kicking off Fearless Friday by confessing fears. Grab a journal, open your notes section in your phone, scribble it on a grocery receipt- just get it out of your head and onto the page.  You don’t need to do anything special- whether you’re in your car, surrounded by noisy kids, or on a lunch break. Simply confess “God I’ve been afraid of ________. I’ve been afraid of talking with or interacting with this person because ___________. I know you’ve been asking me to follow you by __________, but I’ve been holding back because of fear. Holy Spirit, will you take away this fear and fill me with the love of God? Help me to love others more like you do.”
Want to take another step of fearless? Confess this fear to someone else, forward this post to a friend and ask her to help you. Ask her to pray that you’d be filled with love instead of fear. When we invite people into our struggles they begin to not seem so scary.

I wrote this post and told you what I was afraid of. It seems really silly now that I’ve written it out.

Funny how confession works.

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