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The Gift of Pain

“Pain is God’s megaphone to us” C.S. Lewis, author of the Narnia series once said.  I love and hate this quote because so much of it depends on the person’s willingness to listen to what is being said through the megaphone.  At times I have clamped my hands over my ears, closing my eyes and been unwilling to look at or hear what the cries were from gaping wounds in my life or the lives of other. I’ve turned up the music to drown out the presence of pain that was howling for my attention relishing a good beat instead but then slowly realizing that the howl could sing along as well..

Other times I’ve tried to fill myself with food, drink, entertainment, sex, shopping, or reading so I’d be distracted from the ominous rumble of pain that was always on the horizon.

In all of this I’ve realized that pain can be a gift.

a gift of slowing down to recognize that we are human.

a gift of recognizing that our bodies, souls and minds are more fallible and tender than we often want to admit.

a gift of realizing we need community. none of us are alone in pain. That megaphone might just be a person or group of friends asking “how can we help?” How can we care for you.”

Receiving pain as a gift requires letting go- letting go of trying to control what is causing us pain, relinquishing our power of what we can and can’t do for ourselves or others. And beginning to trust God in new ways to remind us that he is with us in it all.

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