Small Talk: Learning From My Children About What Matters Most

Reading Small Talk by Amy Julia Becker felt a little like watching someone pan for gold, getting wet and messy in a river, sifting through a lot of rocks, silt and dirt to find the nuggets of gold that can appear unexpectedly. It feels a lot like experiences in mothering- trying, failing, feeling desperate, feeling joyful, worrying whether it’s ok to do things differently than my mother or other mothers we see. She has a lot of questions- questions about herself, God, her children, her marriage, her ambitions….I could relate. And it’s in these questions she makes some amazing discoveries.


Small Talk is a collection of stories in the mundane experiences of life and motherhood that crack open the window into what really matters. One of the most precious sections of the book was Amy working through how she could get enough work done while caring for her three kids- feeling like she had so much to contribute and that she was chomping at the bit. Later that evening as she prays for her daughter she reminds her how precious she is.  Precious. This word lingers to remind her that this is how God sees her. She doesn’t have to earn his approval. Work for his love or strive for his affection. The words she speaks over her children are reminders of how God sees her. And as she slows down she begins to see herself more as God sees her. Precious.

The book is a pull and push of her love and sacrifice for children, learning to slow down to listen to God and grow in patience in discovering that the small shaping decisions of love and sacrifice everyday turn out to be a really big deal.  Though mother’s day is a little ways off I wanted to plug this book as a great way to remind a mom in your life that what she does is important, meaningful and eternal.  You can check out her website or book here: Amy Julia Becker

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