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Getting “Beyond Awkward” + Giveaway!

It can feel really awkward talking about Jesus. We don’t want to sound forced, come off as one of “those Christians” or break trust with people we care about. So how do we get beyond awkward and get to the point where sharing Jesus feels comfortable, even normal?


My buddy Beau has a few ideas of how to do this. Beau and I both serve on staff with InterVarsity Christian fellowship and did an M.A. in Evangelism and Leadership a couple years ago at Wheaton College. Beau is one of those guys you love to hate- because he’s got so much going for him; he’s talented, self-assured (some might say cocky) and incredibly approachable and fun. It was also easy for me to resent him because he got his book contract before I did. I only stewed about that for a little while month but then I remembered that he has a huge heart for people and really cares about helping people meet Jesus and is a great dad. So there you go. Also, he is a confident bowler.



I want to help you get beyond awkward in two ways- one, by offering one FREE copy of the book if you enter this giveaway. The giveaway runs from today, 10/9 until Sunday 10/12. Leave a comment on this post about an awkward experience you had when you tried to share your faith or someone was awkward with you, like my Facebook page or subscribe to my blog to get more entries! I’m trying to do more giveaways here because it’s fun to get free stuff! And to be smart because you read more books. Free + smart = awesome.

Click HERE to enter the giveaway!

Secondly, check out Beau’s blog, Release The APE for more practical tips on how to share your faith. Plus, if you purchase his book this week it comes with a bunch of FREE resources to share your faith.

Yes, I am totally plugging my buddy’s book here and though I could have negotiated he pay me in burritos, I am doing so because I believe in him, am psyched for his stuff to get out there and want to see YOU empowered to share your faith. There is more to sharing Jesus than just fear, excuses and awkwardness. There is joy, purpose and freedom!

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