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Thrifty Thursday: On the outside and the Inside

Warning- this is about to get a little philosophical up in my wardrobe on this Thrifty Thursday. I was thinking recently about reasons why I love thrift store shopping which include:

1. saving money.
2. caring for the planet by reducing my demand for new items.
3. finding the needle in the haystack in the form of fabulous clothes.
4. The unexpected delight of finding something I’m looking for.
5. Enjoying the secret that most of my wardrobe comes from thrift or consignment stores yet I look fab-ooo! Though, I guess it’s not so secret since I’m blogging about it.

image from
image from

But it also goes deeper than that- for me thrifting is a spiritual issue. I find that when I shop at thrift or consignment stores it does something inside of me. I find qualities growing inside of me that are more precious than any deal I could score. these include:

1. Gratitude. The fact that I have a choice to even buy clothes is something I often take for granted in this part of the world. I don’t work or have to force my children to work in a sweatshop to pay for clothing. ‘merica!
2. Patience. Consumerism tells me that “I deserve it” “your way right away” and “new is always better.” Yet when I wait for something to show up in a thrift store or have to hunt for it a little it teaches me patience and that the world does not revolve around me.
3. Simplicity. By having a limited amount of things in my wardrobe I reduce the clutter and therefore stress in my life. I like stuff, but I don’t like it to take over my life.
4. Finding Beauty in the discarded. This gets to the very core of my belief in Jesus. In scripture, Romans 5:10 says that while we were worthless God chose to love us. I was worthless and Christ still chose to love me. I should have been discarded but he found me and made me something new. Every time I thrift shop, I think about how true this is.
5. Self-worth. When I thrift shop, I remember that I am not simply what I clothe my body with. I enjoy fashion, art and color but it isn’t what defines me. Thrift shopping is often a jarring reminder as I shop alongside people who are very different than me that we are all people- simply looking to feel beautiful, loved and fabulous. Some of us just spend more money to do so.

As I resume my Thrifty Thursday posts each week I’m hoping to share with you practical tips about how to look great for less. But I’m also hoping to shape the ways you think about yourself, clothing and the interaction between our internal and external worlds.

And yes, I will also show you the amazing deals I find and teach you how to score them as well. You know, like this handbag that I bought at Avalon Exchange yesterday for $20 when it normally retails for over $300. Yep. That too.

be still my beating heart it was even lined with leopard print fabric!!!
be still my beating heart it was even lined with leopard print fabric!!!

What are some of the reasons you go to your favorite stores? Are there reasons deeper than that you like their style of clothing or prices?


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