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Five Minute Friday: Whisper

In a hushed voice he says “moooom, I got a secret to tell you!” With his little face pressed against my ear he whispers the piece of information that he wants to share with me- sometimes about marbles, his favorite toy, sometimes it’s a nonsensical knock-knock joke which has become increasingly a favorite in our house. Other times he forgets what he wants to tell me and says….”ummm, I forgot.”

It doesn’t really matter what he has to tell me because I love hearing that raspy little whisper. The feel of Ozzy’s soft cheeks, the urgency of the thing he wants to share with me, just me, simply because I’m his mom.


I’ll often whisper back- “I have a secret to tell you…. I love you.” Which is not a secret at all, but it feels more special when it’s whispered. To which he often responds- “I don’t love you” and then with a mischievous look in his eye and a big smile waiting for me to react, wipes my kisses off.

Which simply propels more whispers, tickles and kisses that will be inevitably wiped off yet somehow stay planted forever.


I’m participating in Five Minute Friday- a no critique, just get it out, free write of people across the webosphere. Check it out and post your own five minute response to the word prompt!

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