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Thrifty Thursday- shop the trends for less

This week’s Thrifty Thursday is all about finding the current trends for a fraction of the price. A lot of people think that if they shop at thrift stores they’ll end up looking like this:



But you can actually shop the latest trends at thrift stores for a heck of a lot less.  Think about how often you buy a shirt and then decide it just doesn’t fit you right, the color isn’t flattering to you or you should have bought a different size. What do people do with those items? That’s right. They send them to the thrift store, often times with the tags still on. And that’s where you benefit from the excess in ‘Merica! Here are a couple popular trends that I ended up finding for a fraction of the price at Salvation Army within the last month.

A striped cardi goes with anything in black and white or navy and white. Throw a colored tshirt underneath for a pop of color or over a sundress when it gets cool at night- I’m loving bright green and yellow for spring! Ann Taylor striped cardigan: $79 Unknown


Look in any shop these days and you’ll see lace. Feminine, sexy and in some awesome colors these days that look nothing like a grandma’s doily. Skirts, shoes, tops, dresses and jewelry all seem to have lace accents lately. piperlime lace top $44.50



Keds have also made a comeback in recent years beyond the pain white ones I used to wear in middle school and draw things like “I heart Ryan” with stars and xxxxoooo on them with my pen. With guest designers like Kate Spade and Taylor Swift adding their flair these styles are really fun, especially for a comfy shoe that doesn’t look clunky like an athletic sneaker. Taylor Swift Keds $40.



Put it all together thrift store style and you get:


Striped cardi: free from a friend who was getting rid of it
Lace top: $2.00 at Salvation Army on their 1/2 off day
Keds: $24.00 at Gabriel Brothers which is a local midwest chain that has been described as “a step up from thrift because everything is new, a step down from TJ Maxx because you really have to dig for things.” I consistently find GREAT shoes there though. I want you to notice- these are the EXACT same Keds featured “on sale” for $40!

If I would have paid for those items online even with the shoes on sale it would have been $163! I saved $137 by keeping my eyes open for what is current and stylish with color and texture and then found it for wayyyyy less. It’s not hard to do, you just need to look around a little. Do some online browsing at some of your favorite stores, see what they have and then go thrifting to see if you can find similar things for less- colors, patterns, textures, etc. You won’t find the exact item that you saw online but it gives you an inspiration of what to look for amidst all the other stuff.

I don’t feel like I look especially great in this picture- I have dark circles under my eyes and I did nothing with my hair other than throw a funky headband I got on sale at Anthropologie. But that’s how most days are for us right? No one has a perfect glamor shot selfie day. But you can feel a lot better when you know you look on point with current style and that you got it for a fraction of the price.



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