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This is How We Fight

This is How We Fight 

We dance because we believe in the one who makes all things new
We sing because our voices cannot be silenced amidst the screams of terror around the world
We bake bread to nourish our bodies because just like Elijah- the angels around remind us;
“get up and eat. the journey is far too much for you.”
We go to sleep because the one who made the day and night holds us in his powerful hands.

We love.
And keep loving.
And then love some more.
To the porn-addicted man in his clean oxford shirt at church on a Sunday morning.
To the gay teenager wondering- “is there a God who could love me?”
To the woman who has been silenced so many times by herself and others-
because she believes what she says doesn’t matter.

Broken bodies, broken marriages, broken communities and broken hearts
amidst broken churches.
Pain, upon pain, suffering begets suffering.
St. Paul says suffering produces perseverance.
I say: shut the hell up and let me wallow with my pinot noir and
girl scout cookies.

But I do. And I don’t.
Because I wake up with the hope that there is always more love.
“We love because God first loved us.”
He gives us more. Everyday.
And we can fight- together.

We can fight. Together.
This is no losing battle baby- it’s already been won.
Put down your swords and pick up humility.
Silence your vitriolic arguments and pray with gratitude.
Hug your babies. Your friends. And the ones you hate.

There is always more love.
And that is what conquers the darkness,
heals the wounds,
and makes something new.

We love.
And keep loving.
And then love some more.
Because He loved us first.


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