Where there’s a Crowd…

…There’s usually a party. At least that’s my opinionation. In college my friends and I would roam the student housing streets (Beal, Gunson) at Michigan State University looking for one thing primarily: a crowd. Loud students sitting on sagging porches with red cups in their hands, the door thrown wide open.  It was only logical that a keg of crappy icehouse beer and some dude DJing would also be present so we could get our groove on.


Though I am far from my student days of showing up at random people’s homes to consume their beer for free and possibly throw up in their bushes from said crappy beer, I feel at home in a crowd. I get excited thinking about the possibilities of connections to make. The people that I’ll meet and the energy in the room. I like that I can choose to blend in or stand out as much as I’d like in a crowd.  I never feel nervous, I feel alive and excited.

One of my favorite crowds is my group of MOPS mamas who get together every other friday to laugh, cry, share stories about winning and losing at motherhood. And occasionally to do the worm when we are doing some crazy icebreakers. (That’s right Hannah, I’m calling you out. and your worm-doing self) Maybe it’s not so different from a college keg party after all? We drink a lot. Of coffee. #momlife

This post is part of the five minute friday blogging community where we spill our unedited selves for five minutes using the prompt given by Lisa-Jo Baker. This week’s word prompt was crowd! Join in!


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