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Getting on God’s “Nice List”

We try to do Christmas “right” – bake cookies for exchanges, host amazing parties, pick out (and ship on time) gifts to loved ones, sing carols with heartfelt adoration of baby Jesus. We may do all of these things because they are on our mental list of what a proper Christmas is supposed to be. God is never impressed by our lists of what we think is right….

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  • Kristen

    This is so great! I have definitely had to readjust my Christmas expectation list this year. And I now have a “valid” reason for hating Christmas carols sung in church during the month of December 😉

  • jim burger

    please don’t forget the abandoned ones this season of sharing – those most abandoned ,pushed off and forgotten. you’ll never see then even on T.V. ,even on christian T.V. These are the refuse of society, the used up, the no longer wanted or needed or loved. They’re shoved in little rooms little more than criminals and fed meals less than those on food stamps. They are deprived of human companionship and the basic freedom to go and come that we take for granted. These truely are the least of my breathern….walk in a nursing home. they’re there but you’ll NEVER see or hear of them unless YOU GO TO THEM. These I purpose are the TRUELY POOR.

    • Jessica

      true- I’m thankful that there are many who do go and spend time with the elderly. It sounds like something you’re really passionate about. Thanks for this reminder of another group of people that are often marginalized.

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