Five Minute Friday: Reflect

I spent a good chunk of the week in the car this week- driving to and from Canton, MI to participate in a National Speakers Cohort with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Though some people comment how they would hate to have a job that requires the kind of travel mine does I really enjoy it.

I enjoy the promise of what going to a new place holds, with new or old friends. I like getting a rental car to try out that’s different than my normal mom-mini-van. We have one car so when I take trips I just rent a car from the lovely people at Enterprise. The thing I like most of all though is that I have time just with my thoughts to reflect. I look at the fields that are gray with winter. The geese flying through the air, pass the Sandusky exit for Cedar Point, the park now quiet from summer screams on roller coasters and sticky fingers.


Just alone in the car. To blast Lady Gaga on the radio. To pray for friends. To silently thank God for the good things going on or give him an angry prayer blast of what I’m frustrated or angry about right now. I also downed a whole box of Good and Plenty’s coming back from MI today- my road trip candy of choice. I think about what’s coming up, what’s going on and let my thoughts drift in a way I seldom get to let them when I’m trying to keep up with life at home or in the thick of work.

I thought I’d participate in a weekly blog hop called Five Minute Friday– a chance to be unedited and just have a little fun. Enjoy!


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