When I’m waiting for something  I vacillate between excitement, despair and frantic energy trying to fill the moments I’m counting down until the event.  This was true when I was pregnant with both of my sons and turned into a crazy lady (according to my husband), when I anticipate a party, meeting or arrival of guests. And this is what it’s been like since I submitted my book proposal to InterVarsity Press this past Labor day. Not quite the end of August goal I had, but still pretty darn close.

Since I submitted the proposal on Labor day it’s been super difficult not to count down the days since I submitted it- noticing the date every day makes me think “it’s been 19 days since I submitted.”  The timeframe that prospective authors are given is 1-2 months. This is almost as bad as when you are given the due date for your baby by a nurse consulting a flimsy cardboard wheel to scientifically figure out the time frame of the birth. Does this strike any other women as weird? So much science around birth and the best diagnostic tool they have for a due date is a cardboard wheel with dates on it?  It’s hard not to pin your heart on a specific date when you are eagerly awaiting news. So this is how I’ve filled my time since Labor day.

A massive cleaning spree of my downstairs, mopping and scrubbing the crusted on milk that has dried since Ozzy spilled it on the floor.

Submitting an article to MOPS magazine MomSense. Shoot, if I’m going to wait on ONE piece of literature that I’m hoping to get published, what’s another?

Taking walks with Reuben and Ozzy to find Buckeyes in our neighborhood that have fallen from the trees. We put them in a vase to admire their shiny, chestnut brown roundness.

apparently these are considered good luck charms.

Driving to Ann Arbor, MI to work with students and staff to help them share their faith on campus. And eating really yummy stir-fried eggplant at my favorite Chinese restaurant in Ann Arbor, TK WU (and missing my friends the Liou’s who initially told me about this gem of a place.)

Seeing a red fox in the ravine in our backyard. Twice. I have been mentally referring to him as “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” like the one from Wes Anderson’s lovely movie based on Roald Dahl’s book by the same name.  Perhaps has has been getting up to mischief as well, but it still feels cool that I live 2 miles from Target and regularly see deer, woodchucks, and now a fox in my backyard.

Baking chocolate chip cookies, bread, and  tuna-noodle casserole.

Contemplated joining Weight Watchers after going to a heath screening fair my friends helped to put on through their church for low-income families and learning that I am slightly over my normal BMI range. I watched Jessica Simpson’s video testimonial on Weight Watchers website about joining weight watchers and thought perhaps I too could kick the pop-tart habit. Actually I think pop-tarts are gross, especially the maple sugar ones. But I really like cookies. (see above)  Just a few weeks ago I said to my mom, “if I didn’t look so hot right now I’d be more motivated to work out.”  Well, avoiding adult diabetes which runs in my family is a better motivation anyways.

Feeling despair that it could be two weeks, it could be six weeks until I hear back from IVP. Sitting on my back porch with my journal to tell Jesus about  it and seek peace from Psalm 127. Getting an email the same day from an editor asking for more information about a national speakers cohort I’m part of. Asking for more information is good! I eat a cookie in celebration.

Learning to do the Gangnam style dance with my husband and sons after dinner one night.

How do you spend time while you’re waiting for something- an event, good news, bad news? Whether the proposal is rejected or accepted, you can be sure I’ll let you bloggy friends know about it.





  • clevelandjoe

    Great to see you guys there–I hope you had fun!

    Don’t do Weight Watchers unless you actually are going to go to the meetings (do they have meetings?) and stuff…take the money and buy yourself something to celebrate reaching your fitness goals!

    Use myfitnesspal.com to track your food and calorie intake instead. And the best part is that it’s FREE!

    From what I have been told about Weight Watchers, they do almost the exact same thing as My Fitness Pal–they track your food, they just use a different system. There are no “points”–they take your age, weight, activity level, and amount of weight you want to lose per week and calculate the number of calories you can eat per day. Then, whenever you eat stuff, you enter it in and you see how many calories you have left to eat before the end of the day. I loved that because it allowed me go out and eat a Big Mac for dinner without feeling guilty because I could see that my cutting corners earlier in the day (i.e. less juice, less chips at lunch, etc) allowed me to eat a great dinner. It works. It helped me lose a lot of weight without exercising. The first few weeks on it were rough, but once my body adjusted, it wasn’t too bad.

    I swear I am not a paid endorser for them–I’m just a guy who tried and failed to lose weight and keep it off for years until I found My Fitness Pal. Pastor Che (he wasn’t at the Health Fair today) recommended it to me and I began using it on January 1st. A combination of healthy recipescooking by Sheila, some exercise, and a transformation of my outlook about healthy eating and dieting has helped me lose a lot of weight since the start of the year. I’m still not out of the woods yet, but I’m a lot healthier than I was at the start of the year.

    The best part is that My Fitness Pal has a mobile app for iPhone and Android, so you can put your food in on the go. Plus, they have recipes and calorie counts from chain restaurants too, so if you eat out you can enter in your information right there.

    Good luck!

    • Jessica

      Joe- you seriously do sound like a commercial 🙂 I’ve been using the Lose it! app on my iPhone and it’s been going well so far. I used it before and it helped in the process of losing 15 pounds of baby weight with Reuben so I’m hoping that with more exercise, better eating choices and sharing my goals with others I’ll be able to drop the extra 15 lbs of baby weight again!

  • Grace Biskie (@gabwithgrace)

    Jess, I’m so sorry that this proposal has made you so anxious…so much more than usual. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen you this anxious! I’m glad though that you are still embracing #AmazingDays while you wait. =) On the Weight Watcher’s tip, anything worth it’s weight in gold has COMMUNITY. That’s the reason I’ve continued to shell out the $18.95 per month for online use…it’s because now I have new WW friends, and the recipe’s online, all of the resources on the member site…the emails, all of it. I know that the Lose It app and other apps will give me the tracking stuff, but I’m a sucker for insta-community. =) So, that’s the only reason I’d recommend it…I’ve really needed that tribe. As for pop-tarts maple brown sugar ones are the BEST…mmmm…makes me want one RIGHT NOW! thanks! ahahahha j/k. Ahhh, hang in there friend and figure out what comforts you the best b/c I am so positive I am going to need the same advice when I start pitching my book for agents and publishing houses! (((hugs)))

  • Jessica

    thanks G! I really appreciate this. It has actually been a good spiritual process of waiting and praying, trusting God and examining how easily I can make things into idols and need Jesus to continue to demolish them through his Holy Spirit POWER!

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