dear college self,

If you could pull a Marty McFly and travel back to give your college self some advice, what would you say? Here are my reflections in a blog I wrote for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. To my college roommates Katie & Tara who are also pictured in this photo- here is a dose of some 1990’s nostalgia. shiny pants! leather pants!

yes, I really wore that to go out. no it wasn't halloween.

What’s the best piece of advice you received while you were in college? What about afterwards that you wish you had known?


  • jopanese

    I totally had red shiny pants in the 90s too! Man. I remember those velour v-necks. This is taking me BACK!

    I would tell myself that it’s ok not to finish the three plates of chicken broccoli bake, salad, pasta, cookies etc. that I got in the cafeteria buffet because I felt like I had to follow through with my greedy eating / taking habits.

  • Jessica

    yeah, I had a pair of navy-blue velour pants too. And I agree with the gluttony advice- I can remember eating lunches of hotdogs, pizza, popcorn and pop tarts washed down with cherry coke. what the what?!

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