dance it out

Sometimes the only thing that a stressed out week calls for is dance party, reservation for one. Being alone with my thoughts, my laptop and various commentaries on the book of Acts in preparation to preach to 250+ college students next week called for a little release in the form of sweatin’ to the oldies today.

all roads lead to Kevin Bacon-style dance montages

What music do you listen to when you need to get hype? When You need to do a little punch dancing Hot Rod style? When you feel overwhelmed & just gotta DANCE!?

This playlist, which happens to be my running playlist (for when I actually run)  also lends itself well to solo dancing includes:

Do it Now- Mos Def

What You Waiting For? – Gwen Stefani

Stronger- Kanye West

Queen Bitch- David Bowie

Kick out the Jams- Presidents of The United States of America

My sister in law has told me about the phenomenon of Dance Dance Party Party–  happening in her very own church basement where the motto of DDPP happens for spangled and stressed 30-somethings in Indianapolis; It’s simple: No Boys. No Booze. No Judgment. (Legwarmers Optional)

“Dance Dance Party Party is a women-only freestyle dance session happening all over this great Earth. But what does that mean? Women from all ages enter a dark room with a bunch of strangers, dance their asses off to an eclectic mix of dance songs, and leave as friends, refreshed. It’s like reliving that late-night dance party from a sleep-over party you had when you were 10. It also just so happens to be incredible exercise that you don’t even realize you’re doing.”

I would love to get one of these going in the Cleve. For now, I’ll just dance it out in my own basement when I’m stressed.


    • Jessica

      James-nothing like making a playlist your kids like, cranking the music & having a family dance party. It may not be Beta Theta Pi from our old days, but it sure is fun with the kiddos!

  • gabbingwithgracereviews

    awesome! I was just rockin’ it out yesterday with the boys to the “Elmo’s kids songs” channel on Pandora. While they were being silly I was running through a tae-bo video in my head. After 10 minutes I was sweatin’ & heart racing. I felt good for multi-tasking in appropriate ways. =)

    • Jessica

      way to multi-task exercising! I was doing some stretches while watching Thomas with Reuben this week & he got down on the floor saying “I want to do exercises!” and started doing leg lifts with me :)!

  • kristen

    Please start this I’m Cleveland! I volunteer my house. Heck you can usually find me in the middle of a dance party several days a week.

  • Rachel

    I am totally stealing this idea–the organized dance party, I mean. But even still, somehow between the years of 15 and 24 I have forgotten the sheer awesomeness of loud music and dancing like you just don’t care! I’m bringing it back into my life, methinks. Thank you for the reminder!

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