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quiet down musical hog!

If you’ve ever hung out with the Fick brothers, you know that it’s typically a quote fest laced with Seinfeld, Disney or Arrested Development quips and a lot of loud laughing.  It took me awhile to get used to when I was present to the full quoting force of Dave and his brothers, and even now I’m able ask them to quit it when they become a bit too similar to Jack Black’s obsessively specific quoting in High Fidelity

"It's number five with A bullet, not number five with THE bullet"

Now that Reuben is getting older, it looks like he’s acquired his uncles love of quoting to express himself.  A couple weeks back we watched Toy Story 3 together- though he’s seen it before, he thought Buzz’s line “quiet down musical hog” when the toys are in cages and Ham is playing a harmonica was especially funny.  He also quotes Gru from Despicable Me with his catchphrase “lightbulb!”when he thinks he’s being especially clever.

The other day Reuben was in his room quietly playing with megablocks and I was resting trying to get over the latest cold that commonly plagues me these days.  Sadly, this pregnancy is similar to my last one where I caught a cold almost every other week.  Dave was hammering something downstairs & it was getting pretty loud- though Reuben wasn’t even near Dave when the hammering was happening he loudly shouted “quiet down musical hog!” I’m guessing that when his baby brother arrives this summer we’ll be hearing a lot of that line when Reuben is frustrated with the loud crying of an infant. I’m also guessing that we will hear a lot more quoting between brothers when baby brother Fick is old enough to talk.

"quiet down musical hog!" Or baby brother 🙂




  • April

    Thanks for the laugh! To be honest, “quiet down musical hog” makes me smile every time I hear it on the TV at our house. And now I’ll probably laugh when I hear it because I’ll see Reuben giving those orders to you guys. 😉

  • laura

    i think quoting movies is my siblings’ and my love language. among our favorite movies to quote: aladdin, the lion king, mulan, independence day (“i ain’t heard no fat lady!”) and while you were sleeping. the ficks sound like a fun bunch. 🙂

  • L. Kim

    Hi Sidewalk Theologian!
    I found out about your blog through Facebook when you started to write about Burning Man. I also work for IV and am a visual artist, so your Burning Man posts were inspiring and thought provoking. Love your posts, and love your voice! I also just started a blog, mostly dedicated to my art work and what inspires me. Check it out if you get the chance!
    elle k blue (Linda)

    • Jessica

      thanks for introducing yourself Linda! Thanks for checking out my blog & I’m glad to hear you were inspired. Where are you on staff with InterVarsity?

  • Kimberlynne


    I’ve tried quoting some of my favorite lines to Charles, but he rarely notices.

    This is most likely due to the fact that they are from “Pride and Prejudice” (the A&E version) and “The Court Jester” (starring Danny Kaye).

    My meager attempts to create more of a conversation by quoting a movie that starred Mike Meyers or Will Ferrell have proved helpful, but I have a ways yet to go.

    Also, Charles has demonstrated his own love toward me in that while we were still newlyweds, he actually watched the 5-hour P&P with me in its entirety.

    I like him.

    My own family enjoys making up their own “quotes” (such as “His name is Jim”… believe me, it has a story behind it that is just as lame as the quote; but we can all finish the line if you start it).

    Perhaps we can inspire Reuben with some home-made quotations…..


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