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Though I didn’t post the rest of my baking adventures- I thought I’d post some pictures of how the Smith Island cake turned out and post a scone recipe I recently tried.

While delicious, the Smith Island cake was really difficult to bake.  Turns out baking very thin cake layers and getting them out of the pan is something best left experienced Maryland bakers. I was ready to throw the whole thing away but my cake-loving and creative husband pieced the broken cake into a circle, layered it with frosting and stacked the whole thing up. In the end, I was glad he did because though this ooeey gooey mess was delicious.


The next week I baked some smores bars for a dinner with friends. Not especially challenging, but still yummy.  This past week I had the hankering for some scones, so I made two batches to enjoy with some colleagues at some meetings I’ll be at this week.

My boss FSB enjoying a butterscotch scone!

I was converted to being a scone fan after my book club gals in Grand Rapids, MI raved about the scones at The Wealthy Street Bakery. Whereas before I was continually disappointed with dry, crumbly scones that just seemed like a biscuit with some sugar sprinkled on top, the Wealthy Street Bakery served up moist scones dotted with blueberries, white chocolate & macadamia nuts or almonds. So. Good.

I found a recipe on allrecipes.com my favorite site for finding new recipes which lead me to this recipe for simple scones. Since it’s a basic recipe you can add in any mix-in you’d like.  I added butterscotch chips in one batch and chopped dry cherries and almonds in the other batch.  I cut them into mini-scones since they are a rather indulgent baked good (sour cream! half&half! butter!) so that people wouldn’t have to cut them in 1/2 if they didn’t want a full scone.

a sight i like to see- an empty pan that was once full!

Part of why I enjoy baking is seeing people enjoy something I’ve made.  Dave was giving me a hard time about bringing something to meetings that I wasn’t hosting, but I think small things like this help people to feel welcome and cared for. In scripture so much of how people build community is over meals or at parties & though what I’m doing this week is far from being a party I think small attempts towards hospitality can make even grueling 12-hour meetings more enjoyable.


  • April

    Bringing treats to meetings is a wonderful thing for you to do! God has blessed you with the gift of baking, so share it! 🙂

    I also find scones to be quite dry. I may have to try this one you speak of. Especially if you can add butterscotch!!

    Kudos to Dave for assembling your cake disaster-delish.

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