since I’ve been gone: an ode to InterVarsity staff

I’ve been feeling reflective about what I’m most looking forward to when my sabbatical ends in 12 days. Top of my list: working with my colleagues. This goes out to all my InterVarsity peeps.

yes, we really enjoy being together with or without students around.

Your car is your office, or the campus coffee shop
Talking to freshman about Jesus- you’ll never stop.
20 appointments in one day, that’s just the beginning!
With work on the college campus, we see a heck of a lot of sinning!

Sitting in dorm rooms, student unions or a lounge
for colored pencils in manuscript bible study, you never need scrounge.
A prayer group, proxe station or large group meeting
the Holy Spirit gives you energy though at 11pm you feel tired with each greeting.

Student conflicts you mediate, teaching students students to lead well,
to reach their campus with Christ’s love instead of condemning people to hell.
Caring for skeptics, seekers and the disenfranchised,
Your supervisors pray and encourage you to see with Jesus’ eyes.

There’s more funds to raise, and donors to call
The Lord provides ministry partners and gifts big and small.
In letters and emails your community rejoice with you,
when students are transformed and campuses renewed.

I can’t wait to get back to the students and serve with you all,
Preaching the gospel on your campus- just give me a call.
You encourage me, challenge me and simply make me laugh
And this is why I’m eager to be back with my InterVarsity staff.

students talking to their peers using an interactive proxe station about sex to raise awareness about human trafficking

Can’t wait to see you all at National Staff Conference in January!!!



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