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under the gun is much more fun

You’d think that with all the free time I have during my sabbatical, I’d be getting a lot done that I normally don’t. wrong. In some ways this is good- the point of a sabbatical is to rest or engage the mind in other things like getting a degree. Now that my time is mostly spent in writing and reflection on how I’m going to integrate what I’ve learned during this past year I find I have a much more difficult time structuring my schedule.

i love me some andy warhol!

A few years ago I took the meyer-briggs type 2 test which provides an even more detailed breakdown of a personality type- as in, just exactly what type of an extrovert am I as an ENTP? One of the most valuable insights I gained through this evaluation that I did with my staff team was that I function best in ordering my world as a perceiver (P) when I’m pressure prompted. This means that when I prepare a talk I typically have my most creative energy in the days or hours before I give a talk, that I enjoy juggling several tasks, and that I am easily bored when I’m not doing something. When people would tell me that they had been preparing a sermon for months, I’d often feel a little ashamed or like a loser because I did so much closer towards the deadline. Now, I know that I need to block out space right before an event because that’s when I’ll do most of my work.

Recently, my sabbatical days presents too many options for me, very few with deadlines. I could go for a run- or bake some muffins- or have a play date with a girlfriend- or clean the bathroom- or….the list goes on. I am not under any sort of gun to do anything.  And since there aren’t any deadlines for most of these things I’ve been wasting a lot of time trying to figure out what to do next. Thankfully my husband Dave knows that working under pressure is when I’m at my best and challenged invited me to help him teach on Ephesians 5 the day before we were supposed to teach. For some reason this helped to kick-start other areas in life- exercise, study, cleaning, fund development. I even baked a killer chicken potpie for dinner!

mmm! pie!

How do you operate best? Are you a planner? Do you do your best work under pressure? In the Meyer-Briggs type 2 the opposite of pressure prompted is early starting. What are you learning about how you best work?



  • grace

    Jess, you said something in this post that is mind blowing! I never actually considered how -as a P- I need to reserve the time before hand to get things done! It really is the ONLY time I’m super motivated to do it. I never thought about how being a “high P,” meant working that pressure cooking feeling to my advantage.

    Wow. My life may just be changed!

    p.s. that pot pie looks amazing. when Dave saw it he was like ‘”woah… I want some, now!” =)

  • alice

    wow, i want to make that chicken potpie. or at least eat it.

    i am most super productive and happiest about my productivity during evangelistic outreaches hahaha. i am also a P with J values

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