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Have you ever heard the story about the mom who was invited to a dinner at the white house to receive some award and in her nervousness began cutting the meat on a senators plate because she was on auto-pilot from doing it so often with her own kids?  She was mortified, the senator was amused. Maybe this story is an urban legend, but now that I’m a mom, I could easily see myself doing something similar.

Today I was recalling some of the funny “mom moments” my friends and I have had during our motherhood journey and thought you would also be amused by them. Like the mom at the white house dinner cutting someone else’s steak these are the moments where we’ve realized “holy cow, spending time with my kiddos is really beginning to define so much of how I relate to the world- for good, for bad, for awkward!” I decided to keep these moms anonymous because I know some of them read my blog and don’t want to embarrass them 🙂

A few years ago I was cross-country skiing with another mom & her husband. It was this moms first time skiing and she was a bit miffed at how good her husband was.  At one point we had to “duck-walk” up a hill & her hubby quickly passed her while she awkwardly kept sliding backwards down the hill.  She frustratedly muttered “who do you think you are? just like Gordon thinking you’re all that chuffing up that hill!” I cracked up knowing exactly which Gordon she was talking about and that moms with young boys can describe life situations by referring to trains.

a mama's world with a little boy can quickly revolve around Thomas the Tank characters!

I was riding to a conference with two male colleagues and as we drove down the highway I came very close to exclaiming “look! A digger! OOH! A cement truck! wow, did you see that?!” when we passed a construction site. At one point I shared my inner monologue with them and they cracked up since they too have learned the art of entertaining their kids while driving in the car.

Recently, my sister told me about one of her friends who has two young boys that love the movie Cars.  I can quote that movie backwards and forwards also having a little boy who is entranced by Lightning McQueen. Apparently this mom had watched Cars a few too many times that day because after she and her husband were intimate that night, she exclaimed “KA-CHOW!” Apparently, like McQueen her husband also “creates feelings in others that they themselves don’t understand.”

The other week when I was tutoring Latisha, a 9th grader I meet with weekly to help with school work I broke out in song to encourage her. Not just any song, a Yo! Gabba Gabba song. Without even thinking I busted out with “don’t stop! don’t give up! Keep trying, keep trying, never give up!” Then I realized the whole tutoring center was looking at me and after Latisha stopped staring at me she cracked up laughing at my impromptu American Idol moment. After singing this song to encourage Reuben, it was the first thing I had in my encouragement repertoire even though Latisha is much older than Reuben.

it's pretty hard not to love this show when they have people like Jack Black as guests! I'll admit it- I love this show.

So moms (and any dads that may read this post) what are moments you’ve had where you’re like, “whoa, I’m a mom”? Things that crack you up, embarrass the heck out of you, make you a little sad that the chicness of your former life has been eclipsed by elmo sippy cups, excitement over firetrucks and anything that has to do with “princess?”


  • laterain

    okay, I’m not a mommy (but I play one on TV?!) and this isn’t exactly the kind of thing you’re talking about, but I definitely found myself being like the parents that used to annoy me by talking non-stop to my godson in the store. “Oh, do you see that? Are the lights pretty? Should we get some ice cream? Here we go! Are we in line? Which shirt should we get?”

    (seriously, when I worked for Gap Kids, we definitely had moms who would hold up two outfits for their child and say, “which one do you like better?” –like, a 6-month old. I had one mom say to me that she “can tell which one he likes by whether he looks it it longer”. Oy vey!

  • April

    I fortunately have not had any mom moments in public. 🙂 Yet.
    But JB and I both sing those dang catchy Yo Gabba Gabba songs around the house. Yo Gabba Gabba has the makings to take over the world, one toddler and parent at a time…

    We are the Tiny Ugly GERMS!!

  • Helen

    I’m not a mom either, but I used to work at a day care, and I volunteered at my church’s nursery for years. While working in the nursery, I took to blowing raspberries on babies cheeks, instead of just plain kissing their cheeks. This wasn’t a problem, and the squeals of laughter didn’t hurt either, until I was visiting my parents. I went to give my mom a kiss on the cheek before bed and automatically blew a raspberry on her instead.

    Apparently it’s not just parents – kids warp everyone’s brains.

  • Lisa

    I think in general anytime you think it’s appropriate to tell diaper, poop, pee, or other stories of the like in non-parent company, you may have crossed the line. Jeff and I do that all the time. We’ve also had the experience of being alone in bed, in a car, or on a date when we either talk only about the kids or accidentally start singing a song together from a kids show or movie. Lame-o.

    Side note: As for Gabba Gabba, that creeps me out…Emma is forbidden to watch it because that man in the orange in the beginning creeps me out.

  • Asher

    This blog made me laugh HYSTERICALLY. Thanks for that!

    You would not believe the countless number of times I was doing something yesterday and Latisha would randomly stop and stare at me… and then bust up laughing. Like car dancing? Apparently not everyone car dances…

  • mommaoneill

    Love you! *Kiss*Kiss* Love you! I have a 5 yo little boy with a whole Thomas train room with train tables and a million thomas toys…and we are Yo Gabba Gabba fans 🙂

    Thank you for your blog!

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