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What were some of the things you simplified about your beauty routine after having a kid? Before Reuben was born I thought to myself “I’m not going to be one of those frumpy frazzled moms who never shower or brush their teeth.” Though I still managed to practice dental hygiene with the arrival of my sweet son, I began to try and streamline my beauty routine for the sake of sanity and time. I don’t think I’ll ever forgo makeup completely- some live and die by the sword. I live and die by a good mascara.

Showering but not washing my hair became a great way to knock off a decent amount of time in a day- time that could be spent sleeping, catching up on email, playing with Reuben or drinking that third cup of coffee. Even though my life is far less crazy now that he’s almost three it’s been nice to not feel compelled to wash my hair everyday, save some water and still find a way to look nice.

Here are my fave products for moms and women who want to look hot, don’t have a ton of time and are trying to live somewhat simply (though I suppose it could be arguable that wearing a potato sack and conditioning your hair with yogurt would be simpler for some).

Dry Shampoo:

photo from chickadvisor.com

I’ve read about this product for years but had no clue where to find it. My awesome stylist Rachel Rios at Capelli Salon (check her out if you’re looking for someone great in the GR area!) mentioned that they had some by Big Sexy Hair & I was sold! It’s been a great product so far- and funny enough it’s been a helpful way for me to not make excuses about exercising. You know, the one that goes “I don’t want to shower twice in one day and have to wash my hair again so I don’t have time to exercise” excuse? Dry shampoo is a little like cornstarch for your hair- After I’ve gotten mildly sweaty after exercising, I’ll spray a bit of it on my roots to soak up the grease, brush it through and then I’m good to go. It’s a bit more than I typically spend on product ($17) but for the time I save, water I save and the exercise excuses I save for another day it’s been worth it. If you’re a research-y type, you can check a review of various dry shampoos on various types of hair at slate.com

Velcro rollers: These things always confused me and mildly frightened me. I had no clue how to use them but once I did they became a great tool in my beauty arsenal.

photo from ivillage.com

These are another great hair care multi-tasker that are awesome for when you need a little volume in your hair and don’t have a lot of time. Even if you just throw in a few at the crown they can turn a limp hairstyle into a wavy, sexy style ala Giselle.

photo from latesthairstyles.com

I like to throw velcro rollers in in the morning while I’m doing my makeup or sitting and eating breakfast. I do have a horrible feeling that one day I’ll leave the house with a roller stuck to the back of my head but so far I’ve managed to escape that public shaming. The best part about these is they’re cheap ($5) and you can find them just about anywhere. Your mom probably still has some lurking around in her bathroom drawer. If you’ve got two minutes to spare check out this link at ehow.com on using velcro rollers.

I’ve found that youtube.com has some great videos on how to do hair if you’re ever feeling more adventuresome. I was feeling ambitious to try a french twist for a women’s holiday tea this past December & unlike my fashion-saavy sister, have never been able to master just how to stick in those bobby pins to get that sleek look.

I’ve also loved Loreal’s Color Experte home hair color.  I typically color my hair twice a year when it gets dark and the sun doesn’t naturally lighten it.  If you don’t want to pay big $ to get your hair colored at the salon this is a great option. If you’ve got an obliging husband or friend that can help you apply the color that helps a lot. It’s been the best home hair color I’ve done yet, is cheap ($15.00) and lasted a long time. Plus, Loreal.com has coloring tips from a guy with a funny accent to help you look great.

ooh, look at me, my face is on a box.

What are your fave beauty products these days? Any tips for saving time and looking good? How have you streamlined your beauty routine for the sake of time?

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  • Mindy

    I’m so glad you did this post because I’ve wanted an opportunity to share my latest hair routine! Several years ago I read the book Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey and started doing her “no-poo” routine. Curly hair tends to be drier and the detergents in shampoo cause even more drying. So for the last several years my routine has been this: scrub my scalp in the shower every morning, rinse well with water (this is all that is needed to get the hair clean–no shampoo required), liberally apply conditioner, rinsing only partially, then scrunch my hair to squeeze out excess water before applying styling gel and blow-drying with a diffuser.
    A few weeks ago I was getting fed up with my hair, though and wanted a haircut, but didn’t want to spend the money (I pay upwards of $70 to get a cut by someone who’s trained to cut and style curly hair). Although still quite curly, my hair was flat and thin, and I didn’t like the shape. But I read an article that took the “no-poo” thing further–no products at all. The key is to take advantage of the oils that your body produces naturally. So, for the last four weeks this has been my routine (with a few exceptions): scrub my scalp and rinse well with water, then detangle with a wide-toothed comb. Then use a washcloth to brush through my hair (while still in the shower) to distribute the natural oils all the way through. Squeeze out the excess water, flip upside down and blow dry with a diffuser. That’s it. No shampoo, no conditioner, no styling products. I did end up using a small amount of conditioner a couple of times to help detangle my hair when I was traveling and forgot my wide-toothed comb, and I’m noticing that on windy days I might want to use a tiny bit of gel on the top of my hair to keep the fly-aways under control. But, here’s what I’ve noticed since I started this: my hair seems to be stronger and fuller; the shape is great, even without getting a cut (although I did do a little trimming myself); my hair dries more quickly; and, it seems to look better at the end of the day than at the beginning, rather than the other way around.
    I don’t know how well this would work for everyone, maybe it’s a curly-hair thing, but I’d love to see some straight or wavy-hair people try it. It’s quick, simple, cheap and no chemicals going down my shower drain.

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