Are you reading my blog because you’re procrastinating something? Well, that makes two of us because I’m writing this blog procrastinating writing a presentation I have to give tomorrow for class.

Though I’m coming down with a cold and want to go to sleep even though it’s 7:58pm I find myself in the blogosphere. procrastinating. This issue is one I’ve had to deal with pointedly for the past 10 years having to self- manage my schedule. I love and hate this aspect of my job. It’s the same way with the M.A. program I’m in- it’s an intensely self-driven program designed for people who want to earn a degree while continuing to work.

What do you do when you procrastinate? What are you procrastinating right now? I’m guessing 97.6% of you facebook. I’ve found there are positive ways to procrastinate- taking a walk often clears my mind and settles anxiety in my heart. It gives me time to process ideas I often just need a little more time with. It gives me space to pray, and to work out some of the nervous energy I always seem to have. Though I wish cleaning was a way I procrastinated- I don’t believe this will ever be the case. My sister on the otherhand- that woman once encouraged me to organize my underwear drawer when I felt stressed out. I looked at her blankly- you organize your underwear drawer? I have come along way since then and do have nice compartments in my dresser now. But that is never my way to procrastinate.

Do you think it’s easier to channel procrastination into negative things? Things like mindless eating when you’re not hungry, online shopping for things we don’t need, letting our minds wander into places that are unhelpful or worrisome. I personally procrastinate by worrying whether unicorns could win a battle against mermaids in a mythological duel of land and sea creatures.

I'm gonna kick yer butt!


  • grace

    Dave & I were cracking up about the unicorn / mermaid fight! We found that last line to be entirely endearing! 🙂

    …. so yep, I’m procrastinating, going to bed…

  • grace

    oh yeah & why is it that it’s easier to procrastinate into bad behaviors more than good??? Although sometimes if I’m on a good cleaning kick I’ll keep going just to procrastinate starting my fundraising, etc.

    okay, so now I really should go, I’m procrastinating washing/blowdrying my hair…. tomorrow I get kinky twists -hallelujah! 🙂

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