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fighting the february flab

I thought my jeans were tight the other day because I had just washed them. Then I noticed some muffin’ stuffin when I looked in the mirror.

thank God that the low-rise jean phenomenon is over!

So it wasn’t quite like the one in the picture, but it was enough for me to do a double take & realize that “dun-laps” (as in “my stomach dun lapped over my belt!) disease had caught up with me this month. It’s easy to freak out and think about cutting all the goodies completely- but when I’ve done this in the past it shoots me in the foot. So, I decided to:

Losing a few pounds over the course of a month is a feasible goal- but to help me get there I decided I needed to set some mini-goals. I like the way I look (and even did when I weighed 20 lbs. more) as my grandma told me as an awkward 7th grader- “honey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.” Oh, grandma. So wholesome. Anyways- the issue is more about clothes fitting comfortably, staying on track with healthy eating during the winter months and not giving up because it’s freezing outside and there are warm cookies inside 🙂

Since it’s the easiest thing to do, I decided to resume a more active pursuit of Strive For Five each week to get my five fruits/veggies a day, set an exercise goal of strength training three times a week and cardio (walking) twice a week. I think the other thing that’s helped the muffin-top develop is well, all the muffins I’ve been eating. I love to bake and it’s so cozy to bake in the winter. But then all those chocolate chip cookies, lemon pound cakes and peach muffins stick around my house (and my waistline a little too long). That, coupled with less exercise = the fight of the february flab.

So, anyone else setting out this month to keep up their new years resolutions, starting to tone up for summer or drop a few pounds in the next month? What are your mini-goals? I


  • Emily

    It’s interesting as a normally trim person to experience the bloating/extra pounds that comes with pregnancy. I’m trying not to obsess about it, while still being good and eating healthy. Any suggestions for staying sane and healthy for 9 months?

  • Kate

    Ahh, yes…flab. I’ve got baby weight to lose. I’ve got about 15 pounds to go (not bad considering I gained 50) and then it’s all about “toning”. I tried the strive for five during the pregnancy and failed in a big way, but thank you for the reminder that I was going to try again post-pregnancy. Tomorrow I start!!

  • Bethany K.

    I’m still continuing on my quest to get back down to my lowest weight again. Lost 5 lbs in January but have been sick which usually ends up in comfort foods and non-planning.

    Are you still doing the running stuff? You did the C25K yes?

    One thing I have discovered lately that has helped me get more fruits and veggies is the green smoothie. I find it so much easier then trying to plan meals with extra veggies and eating whole fruit and makes a nice afternoon snack for me to work on while I work.

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