friday fluff- what’s on your nightstand?

For some reason I was wondering this week what other people keep on their night stands. And it struck me as  one of those intimate life details that demonstrates keeping things that are important or essential to you close by.

I don’t like my actual nightstand- Dave and I bought Ikea’s Malm bed a few years ago & the night stands are too low.  Here are some shots of much prettier bedrooms with the malm bed:

a cool pull-out bookshelf headboard. you can hide your sneaky things in there.

While I like the streamlined look of the night stands connected to the bed, it just isn’t very functional to always have to reach down to grab a book, magazine or lip balm.  Plus, having night stands take up extra space in a room that already feels too cramped with the bed in it doesn’t help.

So here is what I keep at hand on my night stand:

lip balm, lotion, a catch-all tray for pony-tail holders, bobby pins or earrings.
magazines: entertainment weekly (read immediately in one sitting), real simple (read over the course of a week) the atlantic (read over the course of a month).
books for Reuben: we typically read to him in the mornings while he snuggles in bed with us.
framed baby pictures & a baby monitor: reuben was such a cute baby!
lamp. i love lamp.

team jacob, the backyardigans and curious george.

How about you? what books/magazines are on your nightstand that you’re reading (or intending to read)? pictures of dogs? kids? significant others? pee wee herman memorabilia? (I do hear he’s planning his return-Entertainment Weekly told me so). What do you like about your bed/nightstand?


  • Sarah

    I JUST reorganized my nightstand, so I feel especially compelled to respond. Here goes:

    ON TOP:
    – lamp (I too love lamp, but I don’t know why we’re yelling, perhaps I will have my children form a family band, or go yogging, or kill a guy with a trident)
    – the entire Chronicles of Narnia in one hardbound book (meaning to read, but currently just acting as a two-inch boost for said lamp)
    – books i’m currently reading (1for self-development, 2 for business development, 1 for professional development, no fiction at the moment)
    – glasses (while asleep)
    – glass of water
    – iPhone charger

    – chapstick
    – Rx & vitamins & supplements
    – highlighter, pens, pencils
    – Sudoku book
    – ponytail holders
    – lotion
    – eye mask for daytime naps (haven’t been too many of those lately though!)
    – iPod and headphones
    – keepsakes from a relationship that just ended (I really need to put those in a different place, hmm)
    – cough drops

    – books I keep meaning to read
    – devotional guides
    – journals
    – super-attractive special socks from when I had plantar fasciitis in my arches and calves

    I’m sure I’m missing items. Point is, apparently I need ALL those things in order to feel like I can sleep! Weird!

  • Lisa

    Box of Kleenex
    Hand lotion
    1-2 pens
    Several journals for multiple purposes
    Our Daily Bread
    At least 4 books, read at varying frequencies (most of them at the rate of “almost never”; currently includes Heroditus’ The Histories, read at the rate of “I have insomnia”; Mark Driscoll’s “Death By Love,” read at the rate of “I just finished my quiet time and I’m still awake”; Dhan Gopal Mukerji’s “Gay Neck: The Story of a Pigeon,” read at the rate of “Oh yeah I was trying to read all of the Newbury winners, wasn’t I”; and Wendell Berry’s “Jayber Crow,” read at the rate of “It’s Saturday morning, I’m awake and too lazy to get out of bed.” Also includes a really old collection of Tennyson poems, read at the rate of “I think the last time I actively read this book was in 2006 before I moved to Lansing,” and a David Jeremiah book, which I plan to read after I finish Driscoll. And wow I spent way too much time categorizing books I almost never read.)

  • Jessica

    I forgot to mention that there is a whole lot of DUST on my nightstand too. It’s one of those places I love to have clean but seldom get to with the dust rag.

  • Bethany K.

    Nice topic! We really need to get nice nightstands but don’t have the room/money right now. Mine is just a table with a base. The top has an alarm clock (evil evil necessity), glasses case for glasses while sleeping, Droid charger (when it hasn’t fallen behind from making the bed), current fiction book (right now Extras by Scott Westerfield – last book in a fantastic series), kleenex. On the base I believe I have a neck pillow, several bottles of lotion I never touch, a battle of massage lotion that isn’t open yet, an eye mask, an eye pillow, and probably a couple of other things. I tend to forget about the things down there.

  • Lisa

    My journal, the book/books that I need to read for class, Jesse’s birth announcement framed, pens for writing in my journal, a ring holder for when I take off my wedding rings, my glasses while I am sleeping

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