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an ode to oats

Ever since I began to follow Carrots n’ Cake and the author Tina’s obsession love of oatmeal, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon.  Especially living in cold Michigan, a bowl of steamy oats in the morning is such a nice way to wake up. Though my mom has always been a good cook, the oatmeal she made for my brother and sister and I was atrocious, the worst you could think of; bland, grey, lumpy. Even with large amounts of brown sugar I could barely spoon a mouthful.

Then I married my husband Dave who cooks oatmeal to just the right consistency. And then I read Tina’s blog about all the incredible things she adds to her oats to jazz it up and keep a healthy breakfast interesting. So, here is an awfully cheesy ode to oats and all the ways I’ve been enjoying them. Hopefully you’ll be inspired as well to try some new things with oatmeal!

An Ode to Oats

Steaming hot into my Ikea bowl, I’ve just boiled you in water and watched you roll.
A dollop of yogurt to help you cool, oh oatmeal you make me drool!

A pinch of brown sugar, raisins and bananas,
your fiber content keeps me svelte, much hotter than Vanna!

If I’m feeling decadent or a little tropical,
sometimes I’ll throw in some coconut or sun-butter
I’m so thankful that your health benefits aren’t simply topical!

In the summer I love you with milk, peaches, apples or berries
though my husband  would rather have eggs, of your deliciousness I’m never wary!

You keep my belly full making fuel for a busy day,
with fiber and antioxidants you help me stay healthy.
And this dear oatmeal is why as my breakfast you’ll stay.

hooray for oatmeal!

What is your favorite breakfast? Do you eat the same thing every morning? What interesting things do you throw in your oatmeal? I tried chocolate covered raisins last week & I thought I’d died and gone to heaven as the chocolate melted into the oats.


  • grace

    since i’m on my “official” weight loss plan now, I’m having a bowl of Special K with either a banana, strawberries or blueberries inside. I just love me some cereal & had to finally say goodbye to my beloved Fruity Pebbles.

    love your poem about oatmeal — it does actually make me want to have some tomorrow morning. 🙂

  • Heidi Simmons

    Ooh! Oatmeal! I LOVE it 🙂 I like fresh fruit in my oatmeal… probably peaches is my favorite! What a cute post!

    Jessica, I was totally moved by your passion for women at Urbana! I was one of the girl’s in your “Women in Witness” seminar… my boyfriend was the one who stood up and volunteered himself to read the bible in front of all those ladies… what a stud 🙂 I will say though, it was kind of embarrassing.

    So, I checked out your blog today… I LOVE it! I can’t wait till you come out with a book (I was the one in the lecture who asked if you had any books out) so that I can read it and feel even more empowered than I did after the lecture!

    You rock!

    • Jessica

      Heidi- your boyfriend was so brave to come to the seminar! Thanks to both of you for coming! Your question about the book made my day- I’m actually starting to write a “women in witness” book this week.

  • Bethany K.

    Hey girl! I usually alternate my breakfasts between 1: a bowl of oatmeal with a tbls of brown sugar and 3 turkey sausage links. 2: 2 eggs cooked omlet style with 1/2 oz of 2% cheese on a double fiber english muffin.

    Love your ode to oatmeal. I really should get more creative with mine.

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