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yay or nay? denim leggings

leggings are back, and I’m not quite sure what to think about it. It reminds me a lot of middle school and the baby doll dress/leggings craze. On one hand I love the way leggings look under a sweater dress.

neutral leggings with a colored dress or vice versa is so cute!

On another hand, I wonder if there is an age limit for certain types of leggings. I like the look of denim leggings in theory, but I’m not quite sure I like them in reality. I saw some at Target last night at a ridiculously low price, & I’ve been thinking they’d be a nice alternative to wear with boots and a tunic or sweater instead of skinny jeans shoved uncomfortably into boots. I have to admit, I’ve been glad to shuck the boots at the end of a long day and relieve my constricted calves though I’ve never experienced the extent of what experts are now calling skinny jean syndrome. What we’ll do for fashion!

I think a look like this is really cute- modest yet trendy.

For normal people who don’t have a models body, I think this look could work with the right shirt. Β But is it just for teeny boppers and celebs? Have any of you rocked denim leggings? What have you paired it with? Do you think there is an age limitation for this trend?

beyonce, rhianna and a host of others rock the denim leggings.

The bad/good part of a cute style like this is it’s really comfortable. One person commented in a product review that she loves wearing denim leggings because they look like jeans but feel like pajamas. This is when fashion can start to go downhill fast and suddenly cute becomes frump.

I think she could have pulled it off with a longer top to cover the booty.

We all have different body types & I think that no matter what size you are, you can look cute. There is no reason to look frumpy because of how much or little you weigh. I think the trick, especially with trendy things like this is to figure out how to make it work for your body type. Personally, I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing denim leggings as pants because it just feels way too revealing and I don’t want to walk around feeling self-conscious all day. But I do think I would wear them under a longer sweater or a tunic style shirt with a pair of boots.

Ladies- (or guys who happen to have a passion for skinny jeans and leggings) what do you think? Trend yay or nay? Will you be buying some denim leggings any time soon? What will you wear them with?


  • grace


    Girl, you know I just picked up a pair from Wal-mart today! πŸ™‚ I will try ANY trend at ANY age… I believe in risk taking in life in general but when it comes to fashion I have very little rules. I think any old body can rock em.

    I also got the black shiny looking leggings with zippers at the bottom… (the Miley Cyrus brand for Max Azaria) also from wal-mart. also for super duper cheap. with the black ones I got an oversized plaid shirt to go with them, and then I’ll wear with my flat black knee high boots.

    the denim ones I got a really cute long white turtleneck sweater from 360 to go with… I’m not sure about shoes yet, probably my flat grey knee high boots or if i’m feeling more casual my white addidas’.

    Now, I probably wouldn’t wear either to a staff conference, but just to chill and look cute in and go out in normal every day stuff they are super cute & comfortable…. and very forgiving of my extra pregnancy flab.

    Trender dill I die…

  • Una

    My cousin in Ireland referred to them as “jeggings” when we were there in September. Personally, I don’t think that they look good on everyone/everybody. But, I don’t think that the pants-tucked-in-boots-look works for everyone/everybody either. I’m stuck on the “will I/won’t I tuck my pants in my boots when I start to freeze my California-born booty off in Chicago?” Jeggings are the least of my fashion worries right now. πŸ™‚

    • Jessica

      jeggings- that’s awesome! Una- you’re a big cowboy boots person right? I could totally see you tucking pants into your sweet cowboy boots! What are your fashion worries? My latest quest is for a cute white button down shirt.

      • Una

        Jessica, thanks for remembering my love for cowboy boots. But, in all my days of wearing them, I have never stuffed my pants inside of them. (Okay, I did ONCE in high school.) I’m just not feeling it.

        My current fashion worries center around living in a place with four distinct seasons. I think I’m ready for spring, summer and perhaps fall. But, winter in Chicago?!

  • AC

    I am going to say “nay” for me, but I do think they could be cute on others. However, my biggest pet peeve of all time is J.O.J….so it would be a definite nay if that were the case…(Jean on Jean, meaning jean on top paired with jean on bottom).

  • imaginecreation

    I don’t think they work for everyone, really. I am tall at 5’10” but my legs, being on the long side, are thinner than my top . . . wearing these types of pants make me look very disproportionate.

    But I’ve seen both leggings and jean leggings look cute on others . . . more proportionate of the human beings. :0)

    As long as people don’t start rolling the cuffs of the jeans again (late ’80’s/early 90’s), to make them skinny jeans, I’m good.

  • April

    Well, the first photo in your post is super cute. And you could rock that look. The rest I find unflattering. I think that if you are under 40 you are free to wear leggings. Then again my trendy aunt who is over 40 wore them earlier this year and looked great.

    Also, if one wears leggings, one’s hind should be adequately covered with a shirt, IMHO. The celebs are missing the mark. Leggings are like tights. And who would wear a pair of tights around coupled with a shirt that only comes down to their belly button? Only weirdoes. Or J.O.J. offenders. πŸ˜‰

  • Kathy Khang

    LOL! Our family is finishing up a 22# turkey, ladies! I cannot even think about leggings! And I love the “jeggings”!

    Grace, I can see you owning the look, but I’m way more conservative on the trends thing – maybe even moreso now that I have a teenage daughter. I love being a fun mom but I don’t want to look like I raided her closet.

  • Susie VG

    Jess, you are so fun with your posts. I had never even heard of skinny jean syndrome. I thought if anything, they would do you good like, hose that prevents vericose veins.

    I do like leggings, colors and neutrals, and even open to jeggings, especially pairing it with boots-cowboy boots girl Una, you can do it, show off those boots!

    I think it can also go for any age (especially as I get older, eh?) At 40+, if you are wearing leggings with a sweater from 21, then no. But my mom will wear leggings with a sweater dress at 60 and I think it looks great.

  • grace

    Kathy, I never thought of that! (about your daughter) πŸ˜‰

    I guess when my boys are dating or liking girls that I don’t want to be dressing like their teeny-bop girlfriends! πŸ™‚

  • josephine oteikwu

    I β€Žβ€‹AΜ…Μ²ΜΆΜ₯♏ a fan of leggings…I love the denim legging because it just looks awesome when u pair it with the right blouse. I think this post ΘŠΜŠΜΜ…Β§ nice

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