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mental hurdles

I hate it when I really need to focus on something (like work) and am so mentally distracted by other things that are exciting or inspiring me (writing) that I can’t do anything else. For the past week and 1/2 my brain has been buzzing with ideas for a book I have been inspired to write. Why do I say inspired? It felt stronger than anything I’ve ever experienced before- I’ve had a torrent of ideas that I can barely contain. Whether I’m doing dishes, driving around doing errands, eating eggs, all I can think about is this book I want to write! Amazing that it is coming right when I’m about to start sabbatical and will have space to actually write!  Here is the cover of the book- my friend and talented writer, Gracee inspired me with the idea to create a book cover for motivation.

Sorry this file is crazy huge! I was more concerned with drafting some chapters than getting the image cropped properly when I did a brain dump tonight. I still haven’t put my name on the cover I created because that feels like a whole nutha’ level of risk. I realized that after a week and 1/2 of scribbling notes in the car, drafting outlines on church bulletins and basically driving myself crazy with all these ideas and worrying that I wouldn’t remember them all- I just spewed them all out. And I think it helped me get over the hurdle of putting it on paper. I had been trying to push it out of my brain to focus, but if God is inspiring me to write a book the worst thing I could do is to try and stop thinking about it!

Funny enough, I have a meeting with an editor at a conference in a few weeks (a huge answer to prayer) that has nothing to do with this book! I’m pretty excited about this other book “women in witness” that I’m hoping to write about stories of women in scripture and history as well as include my own personal stories of sharing Jesus throughout the years. I’m leading a seminar at Urbana on this & Al Hsu– another talented writer and editor suggested that I pitch the idea for a book based on my seminar to the wigs of bigness at InterVarsity Press. Brilliant Al! Why didn’t I think of that!?

The thing I’m really excited about is that I’m starting a sabbatical (only 18 days to go!)  in January to finish my degree through Wheaton Graduate School- and I’ll actually have space to write! Now I just need concentrate and do my actual work and hopefully be inspired as much as I’ve been to write. Just the last few hurdles of Urbana seminars, fund-raising, Christmas shopping/baking/traveling/wrapping and I’m ready to go.


  • grace

    I’m so proud of you, Jess. All three books will be awesome & I can’t wait to line up at Barnes&Nobles and buy my copies! (well, truth be told, I’ll probably order them on Amazon. :))

  • Lisa

    interesting project on theology of fashion. there is a man in jeff’s PhD program writing on that topic.

    personally, i would have to read such a book in order to understand what the theology of fashion might be as it’s not a topic I am drawn to. in my early church history class, we spent tons of time learning about the focus on ascetic lifestyle and how women (nuns especially) intentionally dressed as disgustingly as possible (ie. didn’t even brush their hair). if there is a theology of fashion today, there seemed to be a theology of anti-fashion among the early church. of course, i’m not saying i agree with the EC by any means! i’m just very anti-materialism and it’s hard to see how fashion and materialism so often go hand in hand (esp. here is So Cal).

    I will buy the book and I’m sure, I’ll learn a lot!

  • April

    That book cover is SWEET! I actually thought that it was a real book when I first saw the image and thought, “Maybe I should get that!” So now you MUST write it bec I want to read it.

    Our bodies are temples and I know that I fall short too often when I don’t treat mine as such. And I believe that doesn’t just mean doing yoga-time! 😉

  • Una

    Speaking of fashion, I remember you mentioning in another post that you are in search of a cool, stylish (duh!), button down white shirt. First, they are on sale at Banana Republic. Yes, the sale price is still a bit high but the shirts are pretty cool. They are an anti-wrinkle type and have long staying power, which might justify the price. Second, there’s a whole article on white button down shirts in January’s edition of “Real Simple.” A few of them fit in the “stylish” category. 😉

    A theology of fashion, huh? If you really get down this road, then I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine who is a “fashion consultant.” She’s got some great ideas and done some good thinking about this.


    • Jessica

      Una- checked out the B-reps shirt- very cute! Thanks for the recommendation. and no ironing? priceless! I loved the shirt from Loft in this months Real Simple (I love that magazine!)

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