bundle up to party down!

Santa Clause, his little elf, a snow-storm, burning breadcrumbs and lots of good cheer were enjoyed this past Thursday at our “bundle up to party down” dinner.  Here’s the highlight reel to enjoy!

you can see the squash on the plate at the head of the table.

The squash turned out well, save for catching on fire under the broiler 🙂 whoops! Thankfully Dave was able to just scrape off the burned crumbs to save our dinner. I hadn’t thought about it when I planned it, but the salad of spinach, goat cheese and cranberries was festive and beautiful!

Though I enjoy cooking, I enjoy setting a beautiful table and arranging flowers even more.

We also did some “prom shots” in homage of the dresses we wore for various formal occasions.

"you said wear a suit to the party- this is a suit!"

Some kids across the street saw Sarah & Andy coming into our house and gleefully exclaimed SANTA! when they saw him 🙂

let me gaze adoringly at my husband......
Joe trying on Dave's velvet blazer...big guy in a little coaaat!
smooooth operators
I think Nate is proposing that they switch to Geico
we opted for the less traditional "on donner, on blitzen" pose

I love hosting parties, but often life gets so busy it feels like there isn’t even enough time to think about throwing one.  Actually, when I had food poisoning (not the flu!) earlier this week I wanted to cancel. But then as Dave and I talked about how much we had been looking forward to the evening, the rarity of dressing up, using our china and enjoying a night of celebration with friends there was no way we were going to cancel- we were too excited! Besides having our home filled with friends and delicious smells, I managed to get an appointment to have my hair cut that afternoon & my sister who works for Bobbi Brown did my makeup. I felt so glam!


What are some holiday parties you’re looking forward to?  Do you have any traditional foods you make or bake for the holidays? I am still snacking on the chocolate gingerbread I baked! yum!


  • grace

    looks like a GREAT night!!! you look awesome by the way – your hair & makeup looks fab!!! okay once I found out the inspiration for your & Dave’s pic, I was cracking up… you guys kill me… just hillarious. way to go on pulling off an awesome night while sick with food poisoining! what was it,btw?

  • April

    You’re working that dress even better than prom days! So glad you guys went through with the party in light of your food poisoning.

    I always look forward to our church’s midnight church service on Christmas Eve and my father-in-law’s killer eggnog on Christmas morning. And my mom used to always make pecan tarts the size of large muffins. Mmmm…

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