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friday fluff- the dress

In a few weeks I’m going to party like it’s 1995. Dave and I decided to throw a Christmas formal dinner for our friends in our care group from church- somehow in conversation it came up how funny it would be to wear old prom or bridesmaid dresses to the dinner since really, what else are they going to do except gather dust in our closets? We tossed the idea out jokingly, but now a few weeks later, I’m thinking about which of my old dresses I’m going to squeeze into wear.

I gave all of my bridesmaid dresses to goodwill because I couldn’t foresee myself wearing any of these absolutely stunning dresses that I was required to purchase for my friends nuptials anytime in the future. Prom dresses on the other hand, those are nostalgic.  Do you remember the excitement of going shopping with your mom or girlfriends to find the dress for prom or the winter formals? I was talking with my two high-school age cousins a few weeks ago about the dresses they were shopping for & it brought back all kinds of memories. So, indulge me, laugh with me and try to be only slightly mortified on behalf of my friends and I as we unearth high-school history when we get together for our own little Christmas formal in a few weeks. Enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Prom 1994- don't you just love the gloves?

I think the theme of this prom was “heaven on earth.” I think I confused the theme with “here she comes, Miss America.” If you can’t tell from the picture, the dress is entirely blue sequins.  I went with Matt, who was later voted “Class Flirt” from his graduating class & was actually my first kiss. When I took this out of the closet Reuben said “ooooh, pretty sparkles!” Let’s just say sequins don’t age well.

Prom 1995- I had my hair finger-waved. Apparently I thought emulating a flapper would go well with this dress.

O.K.- who else remembers how popular Jessica McClintock dresses were back in the day? I couldn’t find the “official prom shot” in this dress, but it was full length and stretchy. A much more forgiving fabric when one has slightly more bounce to the ounce than one did 15 years ago. My friend John brought me a beautiful bouquet of irises that night- my favorite flower.

Prom 1996- you know I got hype when the DJ played "lady in red" that night.

I felt like Marilyn Monroe in this halter dress! You can’t see the back but it has long red chiffon scarves going down the back. I was surprised elated for three days that this dress still fit when I tried it on.  Always the clothes horse, my boyfriend at the time Marc insisted on a white tux so he could wear the shoes he had bought for such an occasion. He was metro-sexual before they even had the term for it.

So there are my choices for this Christmas formal we’re throwing- which would you go with? We even thought it would be fun to get some balloons and a cheesy background to take some “prom shots” with our friends.


  • Una

    Well, it’s clear to me that you were a fashion-forward teenager what with the gloves, the cool hair and a very nice red dress (from the front, at least). I vote for the red dress.

    RE: Jessica McClintock – you did buy prom dresses in the 80s when she was rockin’ some placemats on the front of her dresses, lots of lace and shoulder pads. I remember buying one of her dresses at the outlet in San Francisco. I thought I was so cool until I bought gauchos at the E’sprit outlet in San Francisco. Then, I knew I was cool.

    Have fun at your dinner party!

  • grace

    i love this post, Jess! way to go with rockin’ the black girl finger waves!!!

    & yes I do remember the McClintock dressess – they were soooo all the rage!

    I vote for -of course- the SEXY red one. 🙂

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