open your booty!

Reuben has been cracking us up lately with the random things he says & the ways he says them. I love life with a toddler even when it can be really crazy and tiring.  Here are some of the hilarious “reuben-isms” as of late:

He likes to sing baa-baa black sheep with a Beatles twist as in “baa baa black sheep, have you any wool? yeah-yeah-yeah- three bags full.” He seems to like to riff on songs, if you remember his “old mcdonald had a coffee drink” song 🙂

sitting on a giant pumpkin at Meijer gardens
sitting on a giant pumpkin at Meijer gardens

He often congratulates us when we successfully use the toilet because that’s what we do for him. So often as we’re flushing, Reuben will encourage us with a “good job mommy! good job!” He’ll also tell me not to be afraid if something falls apart- as in his tower of blocks we’ve built together comes apart and he’ll say “it’s o.k. mommy, don’t be afraid!”

We were meeting for Bible study with our church care group on Sunday & we had a bunch of markers and colored pencils to highlight portions of the text. Reuben has loved playing with markers and coloring with them. And of course, he loves to color himself with these markers. So, to prevent him from doing this, Dave sat on the packet of markers to hide them from Reuben. This didn’t work & so Reuben shouted at Dave- “daddy, open your booty!” so he could get the markers Dave was sitting on 🙂 I just about died.

Reuben gave his trains a "time out" the other day. When I asked why he replied "they threw them off the track."
Reuben gave his trains a "time out" the other day. When I asked why he replied "they threw them off the track." Notice how they're all facing the wall 🙂

We’ve been teaching him to pray each night as we put him to bed and ask him who he wants Jesus to bless. Typically he asks God to bless his cousins, aunts & uncles and friends. We often point out squirrels to Reuben as we run with him in the jogger stroller. One night I asked him who he wanted to bless & he replied “Jesus bless the squirrels, help them to find the nuts.” heart melt!

Any random Reuben memories you have of cute stuff he’s said or done around you?

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  1. September 30, 2009 at 4:46 pm


    I wish I could hang out with Reuben these days. I love this stage. So many blog-worthy moments. He’s so cute.


  2. April
    September 30, 2009 at 5:49 pm

    I remember this spring (I think) when I was driving him and Dave to drop off a car, and I kept calling him “dude.” I was floored when he started referring to things that day, such as his Thomas train, as “dude.” LOL.

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