let’s do cool things together

I’ve really liked having a place to connect with people towards a goal like eating five fruits and veggies a day. So I thought, why not do this every month?  Each month I’m going to focus on a different aspect of life each month- physical, spiritual and mental to help myself and others grow and be challenged to do things we might not otherwise do on our own.  I’ve laid out the next few months under the “cool people doing cool things” page- check it out & let me know what you think! I’d love for suggestions as well for the kinds of challenges you’d like to try too!

Here is the theme song to the  simultaneously so good yet so bad show “Silver Spoons” to inspire us to do things together.  Enjoy it in it’s full 1980’s glory. “Together, we’re gonna find our way!

true confession: I totally had a childhood crush on Ricky Schroeder. Who was your childhood celeb crush?


  • Lisa

    But I was going to wait until October to do the Strive for Five thing!

    Also, celebrity crush? Ben Affleck. When he was, like, 10 and starring in The Voyage of the MIMI, the PBS series of epic proportions!

    No, really. The kid is Ben Affleck:

  • Grace

    hahaha… you two crack me up with your endless youtube videos!

    I loved me some Kirk Cameron back in the younger years. Nothing like a little “Growing Pains.”

    • Deb

      My cousin wrote a Disney Channel movie about ten years ago that starred Kirk Cameron. He is a handsome young man, even if he ended up doing “Left Behind” movies. 🙂

      But my childhood celeb crushes date me, friends. I was crazy for David Cassidy for a while, and then for his brother Shaun.

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