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my alice cooper day

Do you ever have one of those days where in the midst of rushing around you forget to look in the mirror?  After running some enjoyable errands, visiting a friend & finally coming home to make lunch I caught a glimpse of myself & this is what I saw:

I routinely impress Dave by knowing all the lyrics to "no more Mr. Nice guy"
I routinely impress Dave by knowing all the lyrics to "no more Mr. Nice guy"

O.k. I’m maybe exaggerating a little. But I did remember sneezing shortly  after I had applied my mascara and thinking- hmm, I wonder if that smudged but not bothering to check. So, this is what I actually looked like:

wow, I look tired.
wow, I look tired.

Maybe, you can’t see it well in the picture, but it was pretty distinct.  Though it was slightly embarrassing it was an easily fixable beauty blunder.

That reminded me of my stay at Gracee’s house awhile back when I experienced another beauty blunder:

Usually when I stay with friends I don’t think about packing shampoo because honestly, I like trying different products when I visit other people, or I like being pleasntly surprised when they use the same products I do- “hey, you use Selsun Blue too!”

Well, when I got in Gracees shower the shampoo that was in there was Pantene “especially formulated for women of color.”  I thought, “hmmm, I’ve never tried this before, it can’t be too different.”  After I washed my hair it felt so soft that I skipped the conditioner (also for women of color).

Later in the day when I was meeting with my supervisor and another colleage over lunch I got up to go to the bathroom.  I was horrified as I looked in the mirror to see that I looked like a greasy carnie worker that hadn’t washed her hair for three days!  Maybe I should mention that I was also dressed entirely in black that day- so perhaps I just looked like a greasy heavy metal fan.  Not that my male colleages cared about what my hair looked like that day, but I made some self-depricating comment about my greasy locks and explained to them about the shampoo because I was so self-conscious.

We then had an interesting conversation about the differences between african-american womens hair and the special products they use to care for it.  I wish I would have thought about how black womens hair needs way more conditioner than white womens hair before I used the pantene and ended up looking like a joe dirt! 

So, you may not have ever looked like Alice Cooper or Joe Dirt, but what has been one of your beauty blunders? Bring on the pics if you have one!

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  • Susie VG

    Girlfriend, you make me laugh so hard! I just read a bunch of your posts today. And yes, I have those Alice Cooper days-far too often since I’ve had kids- to my horror! Sometimes, between being a mom & working, our face takes the collateral damage.

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