Jesus changes everything about our lives but if you haven’t had a dramatic experience it can be hard to tell people how he’s made a difference in your life. you might feel like a creepy weirdo bringing him up into conversation. 

Thankfully, conversations about faith can feel natural, normal and actually build relationships with people instead of create divisions.

Beautiful Feet is full of practical and inspiring stories to help you speak up about how you're experiencing the presence of Jesus in your life. The world needs hope, and it needs your unique story of how Jesus is changing you from the inside out. 

You'll learn how to: 

  • See your body, your background and your brokenness as valued parts of how you communicate the message of Jesus. 
  • Build relationships with people from diverse faith backgrounds.
  • Ask great questions that lead to deeper conversations
  • Share your faith in an authentic way that doesn’t feel like a creepy salesperson for Jesus.


The Conversation Series are a Bible-based discussion guide designed for women who want to explore the teachings of Jesus, but might not know where to start. 

Each guide focuses on questions women struggle with- “am I enough?, how can I find wholeness? What does rest look like in my overly full life? How can I be known when I feel alone?” 

Even if you are further along in your journey with Jesus, these are resources designed to start conversations with friends from diverse faith backgrounds and explore the teachings of Jesus in a new way.  




Whole: Do you feel broken, trapped, or disconnected from others? Do you long for love and acceptance but don't know how to find them?
All of us have been hurt by circumstances and people in our lives. We instinctively look for something or someone to fix what's broken. But that search can leave us feeling empty, discouraged and alone.
God wants to heal our brokenness and make us whole. He longs to give us joy, freedom, a sense of belonging, and unconditional love. Discover how these gifts can be yours - or show someone else how to receive them.









Enough: There are places in our lives where we feel like we're not enough. We don't have enough time, money or the kind of relationships we want. What if God spoke into these places where we long for more? In Enough, author Jessica Leep Fick explores how God wants to be present and help us embrace who we are rather than what we fear we're missing. Discover the life that is good and enough.










Known: Do you want to be accepted just for who you are, not what you've done or how you look? Do you desire to feel unconditional love? Do you long for someone to connect with in deeper ways

In a world where acceptance is based on achievements or appearance and where relationships start and stop at the surface, women like you crave to be known deeply just for themselves. Join this conversation that authentically discusses issues about rejection, body image, and genuine relationships.

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