Friendship What Ifs

When it comes to making new friends, what holds you back? Here are a couple things I’ve been learning as I face my friendship fears in a new city. I recently moved to a new city and I am plagued by doubts in building new relationships: What if I reach out and she doesn’t respond?[…]

one is the loneliest number

When you’ve moved to a new town, what’s the best way you’ve found to connect with people? I’m thankful that there has been a handful of folks that we knew when we moved to Cleveland- it’s been great to be invited over for meals, go out to record shops we would have never known about[…]

greetings from boxland

Countdown to Cleveland Heights residency: two days. Count of fast food restaurants I have eaten at in the past two days: 3 Count of calories burned from hauling boxes into the moving trailer in ridiculously sweltering humidity: 8,547. Count of extra cash earned from craislist/ebay/garage sales/: $700 Count of awesome friends who have helped us[…]