Where there’s a Crowd…

…There’s usually a party. At least that’s my opinionation. In college my friends and I would roam the student housing streets (Beal, Gunson) at Michigan State University looking for one thing primarily: a crowd. Loud students sitting on sagging porches with red cups in their hands, the door thrown wide open.  It was only logical that a keg of crappy… Read more →

Getting on God’s “Nice List”

We try to do Christmas “right” – bake cookies for exchanges, host amazing parties, pick out (and ship on time) gifts to loved ones, sing carols with heartfelt adoration of baby Jesus. We may do all of these things because they are on our mental list of what a proper Christmas is supposed to be. God is never impressed by… Read more →

MOMcon 2013- Amazing happens here

This past month I flew to Kansas City to attend MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) MOMcon. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, or at least picturing….something like this…. Frumpy Mom- who has gone un-showered, forgotten that she is a woman and is still wearing her clothes from high school because, well, her kids wipe their ranch dressing covered fingers on her sleeves… Read more →

Twenty minutes alone feels like…..

Torture. Guilt. Awkward. Confusing. These were some of the answers shared in response to taking 20 minutes to reflect on self-care this morning at my Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) meeting this morning.  “I don’t know what do do with myself” one mom commented while others nodded in agreement. The preschool years are insane in the membrane- we were joking this… Read more →

the tragedy that became profoundly personal

Scared, excited, nervous.  I remember feeling all of those things when I was pregnant with my first son. But it wasn’t until I could feel the flutter of Reuben’s movement inside me that it became real- “I am having a baby. A baby is growing inside of me.” One of the most common experiences for women all over the world… Read more →

the game of operation.

Who remembers playing this game when they were little? More importantly, who thought it would be fun for kids to be mildly shocked if they weren’t dexterous enough to remove the wishbone from the dude’s chest? Weird. Sometimes I wish my inner world were more like the game of operation. Life can move so fast that I often don’t have… Read more →