40 Days of Fearless

Can you imagine if you lived without fear for even one day? What if you gave up fear for Lent? Yes. I realize that probably means you won’t lose any weight like you would if you gave up chocolate or French fries. But don’t you think life could be different if you spent 40 days[…]

You Don’t Look like a Christian

It’s Ash Wednesday. And likely that you’ve seen some folks around town who appear unhygienic but in reality have had ashes imposed on their foreheads to signify the beginning of Lent- the 40 days leading up to Easter.   A friend recently commented to me- “If I saw you in a crowded restaurant I wouldn’t[…]

The Lenten Slacker

I’ll fess up- I have been a complete slacker this Lent. I had great ambitions to fully engage in World Vision’s Relentless Act:s of sacrifice campaign. And I did for the first two out of six weeks. Then life got kind of hectic- between a trip down south to visit friends and donors in Louisville, KY, Atlanta,[…]

circle of protection

This Lent, I chose to participate in World Vision’s Relentless Act:s of sacrifice campaign.  As a protestant, I have occasionally participated in Lent because frankly, everything in my life revolves around me, my comfort and my goals.  Lent is a time to sacrifice a creature comfort for the sake of refocusing attention on what I choose[…]