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    I would love someday to wake up and see a Facebook feed where black lives aren’t devalued. Where black kids, teenagers and adults feel safe doing normal things like going to a pool party, walking home from the store or sitting and talking in a hotel lobby. I recently preached at a predominantly black church here in Cleveland- I was on a panel of people celebrating Youth Sunday.  It included me- a campus minister, a motivational speaker for teens, a police officer and a juvenile corrections facility manager. Though it was supposed to be a brief presentation and Q&A it wasn’t entirely clear how the morning was supposed to go.  There were very…

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    Be lazy, free a slave

    This next month, New York City will be changed forever by students through the Price of Life campaign with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. I could appeal to your altruistic nature—it’s horrible picturing the lives of people like the ones described in this article by International Justice Mission—but instead I’m going to appeal to your lazy side. Why? Because I know that, like me, you’d rather be on Pinterest than reading sad stories about child sex slaves or families forced into slave labor…. to continue reading my post, hop over to The Price of Life NYC’s blog to see the cool things happening to fight modern day slavery….