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the tragedy that became profoundly personal

Scared, excited, nervous.  I remember feeling all of those things when I was pregnant with my first son. But it wasn’t until I could feel the flutter of Reuben’s movement inside me that it became real- “I am having a baby. A baby is growing inside of me.” One of the most common experiences for women all over the world… Read more →

Why Urbana and Smoking are dangerous for your health

Standing outside of the vomitorium (yes, that is what the indoor stadium at University of Illinois is called) leaning against a cold concrete wall, I felt like I was in a daze by what I heard and saw that night of the Urbana missions convention in 2000.  With snow swirling around me as busses pulled up to collect conference attendees and shuttle… Read more →

God knows you need to look good

In public speaking, presenters are encouraged to picture their venues, audience and themselves delivering their message. In addition to imagining these things, I also picture my accessories, shoes and what I’ll be wearing when I deliver a message.  Actually, it’s the first thing I imagine when I’ve accepted a speaking invitation.  Call me shallow, but knowing what to wear as… Read more →

when Jesus gets a lapdance

Jesus often shows up in really unexpected places.  A strip club isn’t one you typically picture much “jesus talk.”  However, as I’ve been sharing about my experiences at Burning Man this past August to InterVarsity students and staff, I was reminded of one of the most bizarre and beautiful stories from my time in the desert. One one of our… Read more →

when cheating just feels right

Last night I made a decision to cheat- on my sabbatical. Though I’ve been given a year for academic leave, rest and reflection to hopefully help me continue a long career with InterVarsity, I’m beginning to feel a bit antsy.  On Wednesday Dave asked me if I’d be willing to help him teach on Ephesians 5 at the weekly student… Read more →

rivers cuomo makes me cry

I didn’t really care what other drivers were thinking as I blasted Weezer’s red album as I drove to meet my friend Ginny for dinner tonight. I didn’t mind if they saw me singing along at the top of my lungs and drumming on the steering wheel. I wasn’t concerned about who noticed when a few tears slid down my… Read more →

you know you’re depressed when….

you have an irrationally sad reaction to reading that Kevin Smith has been booted off a plane for being too fat. I’m a fan of Smith’s work- my faves being Dogma & Mallrats, but really- getting sad for a day knowing that he was publicly shamed and embarrassed about having to buy two seats on a plane and then having… Read more →

what i really want to tell you

Do you ever find yourself thinking in facebook updates but not actually posting them?  I find it a funny way to encapsulate what I am feeling at any given moment. Usually I self-censor because it would be inappropriate to share some of these things. Like when I’m angry, as in: “Jessica wishes that her husband would remember to put the car… Read more →